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Default Ready to Love [M] ((Open and Accepting)   #1  

As is within the RP Guideline Rules, this is a warning that this rp will be non-explicit (meaning no cybering WHATSOEVER) but mature (meaning it will have suggestive and/or mild gore themes). If you do not respect the law of the mods, you will be asked to leave this rp!

((For those who can't read the words in the image above))

It all began with a simple connection. A simple thing where if a single thread was bound to one person and whomever they had ever spoken to or touched, eventually the thread would connect to every living being on earth. But with some parts of the thread, there grew chains which could not be broken. Links between pairs of people that were indestructible.
When the humans discovered the thread and the chains that bound them to someone else, they grew angry and cursed the gods in the heavens above them, questioning their reason and wisdom. And with that, the gods sent down their angels and messengers, deciding that if the humans were too naive to understand the meaning for their chains, they did not deserve to gain the knowledge to the meaning of their lives. So a war raged on between the two species, awakening the demons in the underworld and causing them to spew from the bowls of hell itself...

In this modern day and age, creatures of all sorts live peacefully among the humans that remain. A treaty between all three species exists, stating that never again shall another war be waged, for the consequences would be too great for either of them to recover from.
The chains between one person to another still exist, but can only be seen by certain creatures. Humans cannot feel these chains whatsoever nor the thread connecting them from person to person. They cannot also see them. Creatures of all sort do not have any chains or thread attached to them, but it is said that these chains represent the unbreakable bond of love, and with that in mind, when a human falls for any creature, a chain is automatically created and a thread is linked to them...

Will you attempt to break the chains that bound you against your will, or will you attempt to find the reason for them?
Will you try to wage war, or find the reason others aren't bound?

Choose wisely, for we are all bound in one way or another...
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And we are... OPEN!

Please check out the OOC and fill out a skeleton, thank you!
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