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Default Avatar, The Spirit trials (Open and accepting)   #1  


Water. Earth. Fire. Air.
Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and Sokka and Katara discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. Although his airbending skills are great, he had a lot to learn before he was ready to save anyone. But with the help of his friends, Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai and ended the Hundred Year War. Zuko, Ozai's son and his ally, became the new Fire Lord. Together with Earth King Kuei, Aang and Zuko promised to return the Nations to harmony.

Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko transformed the Fire Nation colonies into the United Republic of Nations, a society where benders and non-benders from all over the world could live and thrive together in peace and harmony. They named the capital of this great land Republic City. Avatar Aang accomplished many remarkable things in his life. But sadly, his time in this world came to an end. And like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar began anew.

Avatar Korra was great but she faced an even greater force, Amon, the great equalist who wanted to take away all peoples bending. She fought against him and won, the great peace was restored but it took a great toll, the people felt a great hurt for the time their bending was lost and avatar Korra swore never to use her bending again as penance for the time that each bender had lost theirs. She was the great fighter but also the great negotiator. She lived until the bending destroyed her, the spirit of her powers destroying her.

And such a new avatar was born to carry on the cycle… and they shall face an even greater problem. The power inside them is in unrest and this avatar may be the last, the great spirits feel like an avatar is no longer needed. That one person is no longer able to carry the whole burden of being the avatar, that the powers shall be split between two people come the next avatar if this one can not prove themselves.

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The World

The world hasn't changed much in the past 200 years, except for the cities, they have gotten more advanced, the roads bigger, the trees smaller. They have tamed some of the wilderness that is the world but there are still places that are exactly the same as when Avatar Aang walked through them.

Main cities

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  1. Follow Trisphee TOS
  2. Be polite to your other role players
  3. Inform me if you will be on a long hiatus
  4. PM me your profiles, then once approved post it in the OOC form
  5. Post at least a paragraph, make it longer if you want but no shorter.
  6. Try to post at least once a week
  7. Inform if you are leaving the role play
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The Avatar, His friends, and His not so much friends





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Characters on hold

Alpha - Water Bender
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Where in the World is the Avatar and his friends?

Right now


The new avatar was born, he has never truely been confirmed.
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*goes off to find the Avatar*
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Ari stood tall near the door of the council room, they were arguing with the White lotus member again. Probably about the Avatar, it was always what they argued about. Shifting her eyes down under her mask she looked at her nails drawing out small sparks of fire from her finger tips. She was one of serval guards on duty waiting for their council member to emerge. Counting the heads she noticed that the Earth Kingdom representative only brought one guard today, the weaker earth bender was standing by a column looking lost with out it's partner.

She knew no names of the other guards, the 3 water benders, two northern water tribe guards one the southern guard, the now one earth bender who protected the king's lackey from the council, and the one younger White louts guard.. not that the council member needed a guard.. they were perfectly capable of protecting themselves along with the rest of the council if an attack came. The Air bender never brought a guard, it was against their religion or something. Snorting a small puff of smoke went out her nose alerting her partner that she was bored. He nudged her side glaring as if to say, you shouldn't be here anyway so stop acting so haughty. Which was true... she was the youngest personal guard in the whole republic city force, but she was a good fire bender and bending even a small bit of blue flame made her extremely valuable.

Glazing over her eyes Ari went back to what had brought her here. She was only 19, but the Army started her off young.. about 6 thanks to her father being the head of the army. She would run away from her cousins, the next Fire lord's daughter and several other important figures. She didn't want to learn how to be a proper lady she wanted to be around her aging father and learn how to fight so she could be round him even more. Her parents were older, she was a full 30 years younger than her cousin, the next fire lord. They had thought her mother was incapable of bearing children, but along came Ari after a risky pregnancy. She was a miracle to her parents and she wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. She would watch father train the armies of men that protected the fire lord and helped keep peace over the nation's waters and trade routes. For days on end she would just watch and at night practice the stances that her father had taught them. She was good, for a child and the fire lady noticed that making sure that she and her cousins all went to fire bending classes to training in the art. But her father was old, and once she turned 16 he retired to avoid favoritism in her assignment.

But some how she still turned out here, in Republic city one of the most important places in the world. Hearing the doors open Ari snapped back to attention her head jerking up right to wait for the fire nation council member to appear, hopefully they had got what they wanted.
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Capitan Marvelous~!

In the city of Gaoling young Thokin stood out side yawning some it seemed like a lazy day for him, he was working on his Earth bending to improve it more but over time he started to get a little lazy not work on any kind of bending. Knowing better he should be doing so, but his interest was else where and he was becoming bored. Looking around wondering off from the training area he found a nice shady tree to nap under. What could you say about him? He was much like cat in away, but one thing he knew is he would have to leave the city soon to find other to each him more on the elements that would be needed to learn. Once getting settled down some, though in his own mind began to wonder as he slowly fell into a light slumber.

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Yue looked at the sleeping child, he wasn't of her tribe but it made no difference, he was the avatar and he held both Aang and Korra's spirit. Touching his forehead she let herself into his mind, for she was the moon spirit and could easily slip into his dreams. She appeared in a field much like the one he was in, he was practicing but instead of just earth, water and air also shot out of his palms like an expert. She smiled, even in his dreams he dreamed about being the avatar. Walking over to him Yue gently tapped him on his shoulder. "Young Avatar, I have important business with you."
Once she had garnered his attention she looked him straight in the eyes. "Know what I say is true, you are going to be the last Avatar if you fail this task. The six spirits believe that after what happened to Avatar Korra that one person should not hold all the power. They are either going to split the power between two people or completely remove the Avatar. To prove that the Avatar is still needed and capable of preforming their duties you will be given six tasks to complete, but you won't know when they are. We the six will be watching you but you won't know who we are. We can be anything or anyone.... we could even become you. Fail any one of these tasks and the avatar's power shall be split in two for the next cycle, fail more than two and we will remove you completely from existence. Understand this to be true and do your best to make the right decisions. Remember the Avatar a fierce fighter but also an incorruptible peace keeper. He helps those even when they do not deserve it and puts others before himself. " She kissed the child's forehead removing herself from his dreams knowing that he would get the message.
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Capitan Marvelous~!

Thokin woke from his dream holding his head some, looking about the thread trying to see who was around but his dream felt so real and the one who spoke with him felt as if they where close. Standing he knew what he needed to was to better him self and master all he can. Making a fist this was something that he was going to have to do he didn't want to give up the power nor did he want to no longer exsitste with in the world. Moving his gaze around he headed for the home he was staying in get his things ready for his journey.

Once getting to the home of the people he was staying with he explained his dream he would leave soon, that he would head of to the city that Avatar Aang had created for all he would do his best try to keep peace with the world that could no longer hold it self together. Once parting way heading to the sleeping quarters he began to pack all he would need once getting all pack, he headed out his long black pony tail danced in the wind as he now would start his journey on ward to help him self and the world. Getting to the out lands of the area he headed into the woods looking for his traveling companion that he came across when he was younger a armadillo lion which he called Maru.

Once finding him he smiled reached into the bag he carried to feed the huge beast then petted him. "Are you ready Maru? We are going out to see the world and help it and to better our selves." he said, while getting the sattel ready on Maru, once that was done he climb up pointed out to the lands far. "Republic City here I come!" he grind as Maru head off.

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Senalda Soyala Okena

Senalda had to attend a meeting at Republic City Hall. In other words they gave her the boring stuff again. At least today she got to bring her two best fighters with her to the city and one of the best southern water tribe soldiers.

The meeting was boring and long, but Sendalda kept her mind awake about thinking of training the avatar. It would be a great honor and would be one of the greatest things to come to the tribe, since protecting the Northern Water tribe against the fire nation back in Avatar Aang's period. The white lotus members were complaining of how it was to hard to figure out where the avatar would be because of how diverse the nations were. That was about all she got out of the meeting. Not like she was going to be the one to figure out who the avatar was.

She walked out of the building following everyone else, smelling the smoke of the fire nation lackeys. Her nose wrinkled in disgust, but didn't do anything else. No need to stir up Fire nation anger.
Her three soldiers followed suit to the inn she was staying at for the night. It would be a long ship ride back home and she wanted to at least give her warriors a job well done, with a trip to the city, before they had to go back to their cold homes up north. "Warriors!? You are dismissed for the night. Do what you please. BUT! be back by sundown, you are still a Water tribe warrior and you should still have disciplines ever on vacation." She gave the three a wink, the two Northerners knew what she meant as where the Southerner was confused. She wished them a good time.

Once her soldiers were out of sight, she herself decided to go out and about that night. She thought she might as well get some of the city food.
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Sitting in a relatively secluded area of the Republic City's park grounds Taku wrestled with a small box that was his own personal project. The history of the young man would show he didn't personally follow all the old philosophies and traditions of the air nomads. But the lessons of his mother did instill a respect for them. His project was likely far from ever being complete but the ultimate goal was to disorient a person chiflow from a range- thus keeping someone from bending. Like all technologies it came with the danger of abuse but Taku saw it's more peaceful purposes in places like prisons and riot control.

The young teen after inspecting it over, apparently satisfied, put the mysterious little box, that looked suspiciously like a camera, away. He needed somewhere and some way to test his device without harming a bender. Taku was short of ideas that didn't involve aiming an untested device at some hired stranger.

He looked through the leaves of the trees he was under; a gust of wind blew mind. Taku breathed it in with a smile. He'd broke his glider, what felt like, ages ago. He missed flying. But for all his mechanical skill he couldn't figure out how to construct one. It was aggravating considering he could get his hands on a new one easily if he just wasn't so prideful.
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Thank goodness the meeting was done, or at least it should be done by now. Admitably Tayu hadn't stayed for all of it. Why would she care? It's not like she was even allowed to go INTO the room! Her cousin, well third cousin, but that took ages to explain, was the Air Bending representative and had been forced to take Tayu along. It wasn't her fault that the wind gate training ground was old and rickety. Hadn't the last Avatar destroyed it? It must be held together pretty badly, so it wasn't HER fault it had collapsed again. Well, it might be, she just couldn't get a handle on doing things gently. So she'd been exiled from the island temple until it was rebuilt, and to 'calm' down. Right, cause RC was such a good place for a lack of stimulation.

So, while the meeting went on(and on and on and oooooon) she escaped to RC's Central Park. She'd heard they'd brought in new fish to the pond...she was hopeful to find some really, really big koi. She'd heard the story about her great, great, great(there's a lot of greats in there) grandfather riding one and she wanted to try. But, since she rarely came to the main land she was lost. Grumbling she stomped her foot and looked around. Spotting no one to yell at her she forced a stream of air below her and shot up into the air to see if she could find the pond. There! Floating to the ground like a rogue leaf she skipped off in the direction she thought it was, the remnants of her air bending shushing through the trees like a summer breeze.
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As chance would have it Taku happened to look in the direction of the air bender who made that breeze. That is if he deducting abilities could be trusted. But the fact she was falling from a medium height with a kind of grace where most people would be subject to the indignity of a falling rock...

"Hey!" he shouted as he demonstrated his own air bending by doing a full spin to propel himself just barely over the grass, landing a hop and step away from the young woman. His own bending barely sending a stray current through the air. Small as the air bender population was it almost came as a surprise he didn't know her but at the same time he didn't really get to know any benders outside his own temple. "It's been awhile since I've met another one like me."

He stuck his left hand out. "Taku"
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