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Lynx Rufus
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Veda walked down the grand stairwell looking at the slightly ajar door to Cinderella's story, apparently the others hadn't bothered to come find her, but no matter they would have been hurt by her wonderful roses. Slipping into the story she giggled as Cindersoot was dragged away the girl screaming. Transforming her clothing into something much more suitable for the story she walked over to the boys. "Why as light on his feet as Audrey is I am sure they would fit, but do remember the magic is in the shoes my dears.... and it isn't midnight yet." She pointed to the clock which showed to be close to eleven. "Now let me be your fairy godmother and make sure you get Prince Airhead over there." With a flick of her miniaturized double scythe, which now looked more like a magic wand, Veda became the not so good fairy godmother and transformed Audrey's clothes, the black jacket and body suit elongating into a dress of black silk with purple butterflies holding back the skirt and folded into a sash around his waist. "Now don't you look smashing!" Veda chuckled some as she pulled the boy forward, he would get her back for this later, but it was worth it for now. She seldom got this much entertainment.
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His lips curved into a very precise Cheshire grin. He inspected the shoes wondering if they would fit his feet. Before he could answer it seemed that another virus intruded on their fun. Black eyes turned to see Veda. My dear Veda, my feet aren't as delicate as yours. The words came across where his lips should have moved. He ran his finger down the middle of his new outfit and watch them float away as tiny black moths, in mere moments the bits of data returned to his normal guise. Thank you but no, that dress does nothing for my biceps and caves. The smile on the black painted lips faded a little. He became jaded with Cindy's world. The guillotine will fall, shall we move on? With that, Audrey decided to test his other power. A single nail traced the lines of a door in space that soon became sold. It was a much fancier version of what he could normally do, however once he completed the door with a knob, Audrey twisted it revealing yet another fairy tale just beyond the light.


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Tasunke watched the exchange between Audrey and the virus Veda in amusement. He had still yet to fully discover the virus’ origins or the full extent of its abilities. All he really knew was that his and Audrey’s entrance into this world interested her, or to some extent was probably was even involved in their appearance into the cyber world. Regardless he was agreed with his companion’s sentiments and was bored of pumpkin land. When the boy made a backdoor to another world and opened it, the grin was back in full force as Tasunke’s form shimmered, his opal uniform fading into a slightly duller purple coat and trousers. His bow tie however was a vibrant yellow that matched his equally yellow top hat. Turning to Audrey with a smile, he tossed the glass slippers to Veda and mock bowed to his door making friend. “Shall we?”
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Lynx Rufus
Rolling her eyes she snapped her fingers as time stopped in this area, best to leave the this part of the story to be unwrapped by someone else, maybe a child looking for a bedtime story. "Fine children, go have your fun... I will be staying here for the night, soft beds are hard to come by." Letting the glass shoes fall to the marble floor, she turned away from the hackers. They were extras to this world, and they intrigued her, she had made the first portal into the other world. The portal was only one way letting the humans in and out, not the viruses, but those talented enough to find the portal were all most as good as viruses that she was trying to get out to the human world. They glass slippers lay unscratched on the floor as she walked away to go back into the castle, Sleeping Beauty had the best bed after all and not like the girl would notice if she got rolled out of it.
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Iris looked at the girl but didn't know what to say. She was fine, but she didn't feel it. Something had changed and she wasn't sure how to deal with it. She wasn't having trouble keeping herself together.
"I'm fine... Just need answers... All of this is hard to deal with..." her voice came out as a whisper as she looked at Trace. She thought about how he had always been the one to hold her together, even through the worst of it and stood up.
"I'm fine." she said again louder and more sure of it. "Please just tell us what to do so we can all just go home...." She said looking at Deva
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"Yeah, I would kinda like to know what we need to do as well...." Fallon said, almost a bit frustrated, "though while we're waiting, I think we should get some control over our own powers, since Theresa seems to have made Sky's arm invisible and I seem to have turned Theresa into a block of ice." As he said this though, he thought about the ice melting and flowing back to him and it happened. Theresa was released from her "chill" and back amongst the rest of them. "Well, that solves one problem. Now if you would kindly figure out how to fix Ms. Sky's arm, then we might be able to get somewhere, although I have an inkling that it is going to be the other one of you who has to do that......"
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Theresa shot a glare almost as cold as the ice that had frozen her to Fallon. But before she could attempt anything the edge of her vision darkened to black and she was blinded in her left eye.

Annaliza stood, not quite sure if the girl was okay but not willing to push it. She turned aroun to face Theresa and saw that her whole left eye socket was empty as though the eye was missing. "Stop it, Theresa, try any harder to use your powers and the other eye will go. The blindness may be temporary but to much strain and it won't be." Annalisa then closed her eyes and focaused on what Ms.Sky's arm had originally looked like.

Theresa stared with her one working eye as the arm 'rebuilt' itself. It started turning visible from the center bone and worked its way out as though regrowing. "Interesting." Theresa commented both interested and slightly disgusted.
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Sky balked. Eww. ...Ewwwwwww. That is plain...disturbing. She kept in mind to not anger anyone anytime soon while laughing inwardly at the slightly frozen girl. The tricks...she'd have to save those for later.

But I wonder...what are my limits for creating things?

Thanking Theresa somewhat sarcastically, she turned toward Deva. "I mean, this is pretty cool and all, but...it'd be nice to go back home. I do have exams and that sort of stuff."
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Lynx Rufus
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Deva sighed, they didn't want to be there.... oh well let them see what the world was like with powers that would haunt them in both worlds.... "Fine. Go then." She keyed in the opening code and all seven portals lit up. "Don't come back, but these powers won't leave you in the real world just because you don't want to be here."
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Lynx Rufus
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Locking at OP request.
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