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Question +)~A Most Unusual Night~(+ (An Open RP In-Character invitation to all)   #1  
[[Merskelly. Quiet. Weird. A bit off her rocker. A bit of a rocker. And certified extraterrestrial myth.
Her mission: Research.
Her reason: Because her world must be expanded. (Also food)]]
[[Killed in a particularly spirit-dampening, freak tragedy, (involving being burned, starved, and bitten by a venomous talking fox. Don't ask.) Merskelly found undead life again when one of her magic eyes survived intact.
She used her magic to piece herself together again slowly, and learned to cope with being undead. Using robotic implants, cellular reconstructed growths of her skin and limbs, she can periodically change into more humanoid, amphibious or aquatic type appearances.
Though most of her efforts to build herself are purely scientific, she uses mer-magic too.
Merskelly was once an alien mermaid, and all mermaids get their magic from their song and their scales. But alien mermaids get their magic from their eyes. Without their eyes they cannot see music or detect lights in space...or exist. Every so often Merskelly will use her eye to help her with important tasks and alter her appearance. She keeps her eye safely locked away inside her head at all times, and sometimes even creates a decoy to occupy her other socket.
Merskelly came from a distant planet in space, where she lived and swam and made happy memories with the many sea monsters, pirates and ghosts of her world. But one day she found an injured fox from a world beyond her own, on the shores of her world and took care of it.
However it was sick and very temperamental, often nearly killing her with its venomous bite. It never got much better although she felt she had healed it's wounds the best she could, and sadly she died trying to return the fox to the world from whence it came, deep within the woods of dimensional doors, gates and traveling furniture.

When she woke up, all that was left of her was her eye and her head. Alone and lost in the woods, with no trace of the fox to be seen, she rolled and rolled back to the sea, with the helpful aid of a cute, orange alien bird, who made sure she made it back to the water. She thanked the bird and said goodbye even though it looked sad to see her sink into the depths of the ocean. And began to work on her new body straight away.
With her magic eye and new body she decided to conduct further research and go on short expeditions into the alien worlds next door to her, where she no doubt, would enjoy learning new things, trying to understand the strange people and creatures she encounters, and occasionally admiring the many different kinds of pasta in existence. But the one thing Merskelly had hoped to accomplish, was to improve and heal not only herself but to help others to heal from similar aching and tragic pasts, and give them something worth holding onto...while likewise seeking something to treasure and remind herself, that she can be alive after all...]]

(((!)))This is an open RP for all who wish to join. You must be in character, and in accordance with the RP rules laid down. OOC interactions won't be acknowledged, sorry. :/ Roleplaying profiles aren't necessary if you want to introduce your character. So you don't need to include any unless you want to. This RP won't likely include an M rating, but things change sometimes. Not sure how far this is even going to get. >.> That being said, here are the rules and formatting to follow. :] (((!)))

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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Exclamation Rules and Format   #2   Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
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“”-For Speaking
**-For quick actions
‘’-For signs or read passages and the like

"Well, that just doesn't make any sense." -_- Casey stood on the rock shaking her head down at the dog dressed like a circus clown in the tree below. "His nose is still black. Aren't clown noses supposed to be round and red and squeaky?"

The dog below just stood in the tree, panting up at them.
"It wouldn't stay on his lil' snoot. He just needs to smell everything." shrugged Micha. "And also, he thought it was a chew toy, so I had to take it away before he ruined it." =_=;

"WHY IS HE EVEN DRESSED UP AS A CLOWN??" X( *shoots arms out* "AND HOW'D HE EVEN END UP THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE??!" Sia worriedly looks down at the ridiculous and happy looking pup. Q-Q "Poor puppy.."

"Easy." ^-^; *points index finger up* "Because he's trained to."

>I used to be really big on proper grammar usage and punctuation, but if you want to emphasize something, or misspelled accidentally it's fine.

>Cursing is allowed, so fucking go for it! If it's a part of your character's style that is. If not, use appropriate language please. :]

>Fourth-wall breaking is allowed but mustn't be OOC references or comments.

>This kinda goes without saying but make sure your character has an established homeworld, background and reason behind their freaky-deaky visit.

>Last Rules: Have fun and pm me if you have any questions! :]

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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Lightbulb   #3  
~.................A Most Unusual Night.................~

In the darkness of the murky depths of Merskelly's home grotto of sea caves, the sound of quiet techno plays, while a slow blinking orange light glows in the shadowy water. She awakens, her yellow eye rolling into her other socket and looking at the source of the blinking light, coming from a machine with weird levers on it. She groans and slowly floats out of her tentacled bed and over to the machine, sleepily pulling a lever. The blinking light stops and she stretches with a long yawn, bubbles floating up from her skull.
“Mip..moop..hungry.” =m-
She very tiredly swims up to her grotto surface and climbs out of the deep water, and right into a small cave with the title ‘Kitchen’ scribbled on the wall. Walking over to her rotating fridge, dripping wet, she yawns again, rubbing her face. Merskelly had spent the previous night staying up well past midnight, trying to get her world detecting device working properly, because it had just kept detecting words. A proper fixing was needed and when she at last re-assembled it, she hadn’t the energy to test it out. She needed something to wake her up and start the day, so she could take a trip up to the surface to explore around, to see if perhaps there were magical, unknown, or parallel worlds besides the ones that resided in the woods of dimension...and furniture.
From the fridge she took out a frozen waffle and a bottle of water, and sat down in a lumpy space chair in the shape of a curved eggshell. She crunched the frozen waffle up and sipped some water, lounging and flipping on a mirror screen device on the cave wall.
“Wait a minute.” >.=; “What am I doing?” *scarfs down waffle and takes water bottle, leaping back into the water*
“Today is test day!” >w<
Merskelly quickly found her way to her wardrobe and slipped into her very freaky looking closet inside the mouth of a gigantic alien sea monster. She came back out dressed in her surface gear and headphones.
>:3 *poses in front of the nearby mirror* “I’m going to get some results today. I can feel it!”
She then readied a magical bag full of necessary supplies and snacks, taking her world finding device with her. After a quick double check she left her grotto and made her way from the freaky deep up to the shimmering surface.
“It’s a brand new day,” ;w; “and I’m actually awake to greet it!” With a splash, she lifts her arms up to her crazy homeworld above in joy. “Good morning w-!” O,O;;!
*freezes in shock and embarrassment* She is instead greeted by the three orbiting moons in the sky instead of the morning star. It’s quiet, and it’s most certainly not morning.
OnO “Oh...wow...I must’ve REALLY slept in. Oh well.” *shrug* :] “Imma test it anyway!”
Merskelly took out her device and pointed it above the water, swimming around as she followed it’s beeping detection pulses. Eventually, it began to beep faster in a direction that was closer to shore. She followed the device onto the beach until it wildly began to beep right beside a palm tree.
8] “Ah-ha! There’s something here.” >:]
She examines the tree and upon further inspection, and a bit of forceful uprooting, discovers there is a creepy, spiraling dimensional hole underneath it.
OnO ! “Amazing..~” *leans to look at it*
She takes something from her bag, an oven mitt and slips it onto her metal hand, slowly reaching down to place it into the strange portal. She waves her hand around and lifts it back out, examining it.
:[ “Hmm...seems okay.” <:[ …….*rolls eye into other socket* “Well, I guess I’ll see for myself.”

Merskelly takes a transport beacon from her bag and tosses it into the waves behind her, then puts another into the sandy shore, burying it. -.- She holds onto her bag and looks down at the portal, taking a deep breath before carefully entering, unsure of what she’ll encounter or who she’ll meet...

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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//OOC: Barker's homeworld is a modified version of Earth. He does coding. And he's basically a test muse. He's pretty much a regular person that has a hobby for coding. Aside from the whole void dog thing. Bastard goblin. Let me know if you want me to change the reply or anything! ;;//

Barker finds himself trying to code a desktop buddy. He's not sure why he's doing this, he has fiction to write, art to make with the cheap-but-still-decent tablet and various games to play.

And yet, he thought it would be a good idea to include all of the food items from the games in a random choice type-deal.

Despite the comment in his coding that he did not regret this, he was sorely regretting this. That comment is 100% a lie. Oh well. He sticks another comment stating that the above comment was a lie. Good enough.

There was something about arrays that he could use, but he never understood the point of using arrays, really. He couldn't make heads or tails of the damn things, and they seemed to bring a lot of suffering to one of his coding acquaintances. At least they were efficient, much more efficient than the crap he was trying to do right now.

Hell, there was even a chance to get all three food items to be the same damn thing. He wouldn't have much of an idea on how to get that to... not happen, but still, it's an unintended consequence. At least it was a rare chance. Sure, it wasn't a 0% chance at all, but it was something.

The corner of his mouth straightened out in a slight grimace at the current mess of code. The whole thing would only get messier as he added more and more options. Items that were from specific fanfics, or items that had yet to be added in the DLCs.

He was fairly fond of doing this, though. That was the main thing, enjoyment. Besides, progress was progress, no matter how small, even if he was a bit sore over the whole 'three food items that are the same because of random generation of choices' thing.

Barker shut off the program, shut off the desktop buddy and closed the laptop lid, before whipping around when he hears creaking of floorboards behind him. He stares at them for a few moments, before asking them a single question. Though, it sounds more like an annoyed, hoarse bark.

"What the fuck are you doing here."

He is not keen on having guests around at this time of night.
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Default   #5  
! o___o; Merskelly freezes in her place, seemingly trying to sneak up on Barker...like those videos of the ninja cats that move a little closer each time the camera looks away.
"I'mmm...ins-pe-cting...theee," 0n0; *looks around the room* "thee walls!" >:] "Yes! That's it, I'm just inspecting the walls." *smacks self into wall, examining it's flatness* "Hmmmm, yes." >~=; "These walls are good walls." *nodnod* She tries not to make it look like she was trying to look over his head at the laptop at all.

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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Barker continues staring at Merskelly as they slam themselves into a wall and then say it's a good wall. What the actual fuck was going on here.

"Yes, I know it's a flat wall. It was built in the Victorian era, according to m'dad."

"...You're technically trespassing."
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:[ "Trespassing?" *tilts head* "Hmm. I guess you're right." o-o;
Merskelly then goes out the window and shuts it, disappearing before knocking on the glass.

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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That window is not supposed to be opened, and yet this person opened it, fucked off out of it, and shut it again.

He just stares.

What the actual hell is going on.

"You'll have to knock on the door. I can let you in there."
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Default   #9  
0n0 *from outside the window* "You don't enter from the window? I have to use the door over there??"

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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"Yes, you do have to use the door over there."

He has no intention of letting this person back into the house.
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Default   #11  
:] "Okay!" *zips over to the front door and knocks on it* -u- "Trick or Treat!"

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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He's still sitting there, being a bastard. Absolutely no intention of letting the other person in, the absolute goblin.
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Default   #13  
ouo……………………….Merskelly gets the idea to want to hide by the door and shout surprise when he opens it at last, but the moment never comes. :c ? "Maybe he didn't hear me knock the first time?" *knocks again* o-o......? "Hmh." *tilts head, eyeball rolling to the other socket* owo ...ah~ I bedder not bother him. -w- *shrug* He's probably got some christmas lights of his own to nibble on. <:]
Merskelly takes out some christmas lights from her bag and starts to gently gnaw on them before looking up at the windows of the home above her head. "Mmm..he did say "I can let you in from there." Hmm, I wonder if he might have been tricksy after all." :[ "Maybe I got the tricks instead of a treat." o-o
Merskelly continues to talk to herself outside the door like a loon. She then places her christmas lights back in her bag and takes out a funny pen, writing a note on her hand. :d
"Dear mister alien..Sorry I..didn't..stick..a-round for..your..door-opening..I don't know..where I am..but..I am go-ing..to..find..a..snack..someplace..a-rooound..here.."
:] "Hope..you're..having..fun.. up there...doing..what-ever aliens..do.
*nods satisfied and puts pen away in bag before popping hand off and placing it on the doormat for Barker to find* "There." :] "Now..to find something to eat!" ^-^ *floats away around the home and begins looking for food*

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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His brows furrow. Wait a moment, wasn't he supposed to fix a bug? Oh SHIT. Barker quickly sets about rebooting the laptop and hopes it actually fucking boots instead of going to the screen that demands a boot disk and won't fuck off until the computer is forcibly reset.
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Merskelly roots around in her bag and connects a creepy robotic appendage to her bony carpals, testing it out and inspecting it before using it to root around the ground. >:3 "Hehuehuehuehuheh." She begins to dig a hole with the morphed appendage which has turned into a drill-like tool, causing dogs outside to bark at her antics from nearby. She quickly digs a deep hole and finds an old marble, taking it and munching on it. :T "Mh..not tasty." *spits it out* <:/ "Hmmmm…"
She looks up at the home's window she climbed out of before and floated over to it, tapping on the glass at Barker, nearly startling them out of their skin.
She holds up the marble. :] "Hiii, it's me again, sorry!" <x{ "You aren't hungry are you? Is this your marble?? Did you want to eat it?"
She peers over at the laptop looking interested but also creeped out. <8[ "Oh, are you busy? You're busy aren't you?" She rubs her arms even though one of them is cybernetic. <x[ "Sorry! I-I'll let you get back to your date!"
She...seems to think the laptop is a...date?

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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"I am not dating a laptop, flesh person!" Barker yells, startling one of the three cats that lounge around the living room. He is less than amused at these shenanigans, and he hopes the person hasn't busted a damn pipe because the council will take their sweet ass time fixing it.
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a most unusual night, first rp attempt, merskelly metalien, merskelly rp

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