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Default Tris Titles   #1  
Yep, the lower ones are missing, I only started logging them now. Will fill in later as I recover the lower ones on a mule or by stalking other people.

1: Fresh Meat :D
10: Harmless
20: Dazed
30: Confused
40: Platypus
42: Multiply Six by Nine
43: Zombie Platypus
60: nostalgic
80: Derp
85: Tasty Zucchini!
100: Addicted to Trisphee
150: Barrel of Monkeys
200: Lazy
250: Psych
300: THIS. IS. SPAR -shot- ... *gurgle*
314: Mini-Pi!
315: Jogger
351(?): Ho! Miscreant!
404(?): One Fish
425: Two Fish
450: Red Fish
460: Blue Fish
500: I see you
526: The Magic Number
550: Magic
601: Mercury Poisoning!
666: SMOKIN!
667: *twitch*
730: L.E.D Sheep
800: Hakuna matata
1005(?): Double Rainbow
1200: More Magic
1337: Supah LEET
1338: Sad Face
1450: Begin Program
1500: Error...Error...Error...
1501: Rebooting....
1800: System Start
2012: The Calendar Just Ran Out Of Space
2013: On in to the future
3000: More More Magic
3141: Pi :D
3142: More More More Magic

Strider: 212023112131111

This is a test line in Arial.
This is a test line in Arial Black.
This is a test line in Arial Narrow.
This is a test line in Book Antiqua.
This is a test line in Century Gothic.
This is a test line in Comic Sans.
This is a test line in Courier New.
This is a test line in Fixedsys.
This is a test line in Franklin Gothic.
This is a test line in Garamond.
This is a test line in Georgia.
This is a test line in Impact.
This is a test line in Lucida Console.
This is a test line in Lucida Sans.
This is a test line in Microsoft Sans.
This is a test line in Palatino.
This is a test line in System.
This is a test line in Tahoma.
This is a test line in Times New Roman.
This is a test line in Trebuchet.
This is a test line in Verdana.

Vesh's Harpy Outfit
Ascended Fenrir's Scarf
Autumn Fin
The Hill of Decision
Blue Gradient Background

Miishi the Cat
The Hill of Decision
Ascended Fenrir's Anklets
Feathered Serpent
Ascended Fenrir's Sash
Anonimar's Corset
Ascended Fenrir's Scarf
Magnificent Juggler Arlo's Sho...
Autumn Fin
Harrowing Harbinger
Kyun the Sinopa
Slant Mouth
Basic Nose
Basic Blush
Sharp Eyebrows
Trisiana's Scales
Special Phansy Eyes

Office Pond Pirate
Guise of Souls
Royal Amphibian Lily Pads
Copper Vaporscape Scanlines

Copper Lila Hair
Copper Bailey Hair
Street Tagger Belt
Snerk Mouth
Fleshy Fearful Nose
Dead Left Eye
Tune Up Eye Patch
Stormy Eyes
Faded Under Shadow
Fleshy Head of Adam
Basic Tune Up Ascot
Fleshy Bare Cozy Sleeves
Basic Modern Schoolyard Rumble Top
Berry Reginald Tights
Fleshy Ripped Bod
Fleshy Hip of Adam

shit I have:
all Vibrant Crystalline Spears
all Aged Crystalline Spears
all Enchanted Crystalline Spears
all Keeper's Stain
all Keeper's Mask
all Jet Chained Lanterns
all Iridium Chained Lanterns
all Brass Chained Lanterns
all Platinum Chained Lanterns
Spoopy Skeleton Top
Striking Skeleton Top
Scary Skeleton Top
Spooky Skeleton Top
Spoopy Skeleton Pants
Striking Skeleton Pants
Scary Skeleton Pants
Spooky Skeleton Pants
Sweet Candycorn Revelry
Tricky Candycorn Revelry
Candycorn Revelry
Sweet Candycorn Cuddlers
Tricky Candycorn Cuddlers
Candycorn Cuddlers
Sweet Candycorn Tie
Tricky Candycorn Tie
Candycorn Tie
Keeper's Cobbled Jacket
Keeper's Mended Jacket
Keeper's Patched Jacket
Spoopy Skeleton Cat
Striking Skeleton Cat
Scary Skeleton Cat
Spooky Skeleton Cat
Sweetened Bull Horns
Steadfast Bull Horns
Striking Bull Horns
Sturdy Bull Horns
all Rattling Witch Hats
Spooky Monster Hat
Snuggly Monster Hat
Cuddly Monster Hat
Fluffy Monster Hat
Fuzzy Monster Hat
Spooky Monster Paws
Snuggly Monster Paws
Cuddly Monster Paws
Fluffy Monster Paws
Fuzzy Monster Paws
Spooky Monster Feet
Snuggly Monster Feet
Cuddly Monster Feet
Fluffy Monster Feet
Fuzzy Monster Feet

Jolly Benefactor
Burning Vigil
Chanting Waters
Solar Kingdom
Requiem Knight
Looming Nightmare
Winter Royalty
Celestial Werewolf
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