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Default   #18   Alexis Rider Alexis Rider is offline
Time Lord
Originally Posted by Voidbarker View Post
cackles quietly as i investigate several thousand layering errors in my avi
Only you see the mistakes. Honestly It's still kinda nice to decide how i want these layered.

Originally Posted by Espy View Post
Hey, I remember you. Welcome back.

...Er, lemme... update the Item Guide, sorry.
HEY! Yea i remember you too! it's been so long * scratches back of head.*

Originally Posted by bluebird View Post
Welcome back!
thank you so much!
I've just come back to Trisphee.
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Welcome back, Alexis! Hope you stay with us ^^
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Default   #20   KittyBeary KittyBeary is offline
More More More Magic
Hiya and welcome back! :D

2020 may be a difficult year, but I know we can all get through it together.
Just believe in yourselves.

ty bluebird for the art
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Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
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Welcome back to Trisphee! You returned just at the right time for some sugary sprinkles and lots of clean underwear ^^
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Default   #22   Ava Ava is offline
Double Rainbow
I Really like your avi :)

And welcome back!
"Peleamos otra vez
La casa está encendida
Si me quedo es suicida
Dices que no lo volves' a hacer
Promesas que no oigo
Yo ya te conozco"

--- Jessie Reyez
Picture drawn by itty
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