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It Won't Stop
Default User Appreciation 2k19: Radical Remix!   #1  

Why, good afternoon, Trisphites!

What's that?! Are you saying hello back?! Sorry, we can't hear you over how rad our outfits are. Bet you want one of your own, huh? Well... you're in luck! We're feeling generous, so here are the deets about...

User Appreciation Event 2k19: Radical Remix


It looks like Trisphee's taken a trip back in time! Tacky polyester, plastic, and neon vibrancy abound! It's an eye-blaring blast from the past!
We lost a buttload of Cubix Cubes while we were looking around here. Nose around and see if you can't find any. Treat yourself here, if you do!

This year's festivities include a multitude of games and activities, so be sure to check them all out!

Radical Remix Raffle Extravaganza
Win from a slew of awesome prizes (including a full event set or 50k aurum), up to three times!

Wonky Memory
The classic card-matching game, with an interesting twist!

Compliment the user above you!
Pretty self-explanatory, and a quick way to pass the time and reap the good vibrations. (I wonder what would happen if anyone actually brought him tea...? Is it tap-dancing-duck-related?)

Sweatbox Your Brain For Science!!! (and prizes)
Sweat your brain for a chance at prizes! Answer questions, get points, and redeem them for past and present event items!

The party'll rock on through to the end of the month, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the games, good company, and fantastic fashion!
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