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daikokunyo daikokunyo is offline
Default the recent event items   #1  
I missed the recent Halloween event completely (as in I was on and off but I didn't manage to snag any EIs) so I need one of every item. I have around 7k au and I hope that's enough for a full set of the EIs. I hope even more ardently that y'all have extras.

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Default   #2   Glitch Glitch is offline
ah heh. .. i just gave all mine away! i bet somebody does though!

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daikokunyo daikokunyo is offline
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Thanks for the good wishes Glitch!
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Default   #4   Kaderin Triste Kaderin Triste is offline
I don't know if I have a full second set, but if you still need it, I'll check and see how many of the items I do have.
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Espy Espy is offline
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I also need those items, if anyone's got extras, but Sternum's got first dibs.
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Default   #6   Derpy McBlueEyes Derpy McBlueEyes is offline
More Magic
Sternum: I can offer you these ones:
Desert Spike Hoodie
Desert Spine Hoodie
Evening Wing Of Bat Hip
Gentle Webbed Witch Hat
Grumpy Webbed Witch Hat
Midnight Wing of Bat Back
Midnight Wing of Bat Hip
Midnight Worship Candles
Candied Batkin
Evening Lanterns
Evening Ritual Candles
Forest Fog
Gentle Familiar Beowmin
Macro Rabbacteria
Micro Rabbacteria
Midnight Ritual Candles
Pumpkin Pike
Shining Ghostygoo
Sinful Ghostygoo
The Graveyard

Espy: Pretty sure I have at least Forest Fog and The Graveyard as spares. Will get Sternum any items they need, then re-check my inventory for other spares for you.
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Whoa, serious Derpy is Serious! I solemnly swear not to meddle in the affairs of Derpy!
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