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Default Cover my Path with Roses   #1  
Sweetest darlings,

it's Gary again. You may remember me from the local pub, the truck expo - or my fabulous quest for glamour.

*twirls around*

Don't I look charming in my new dress? But there's still something missing.

Now as a faint young lady I can't adorn myself with a rifle. So I was looking for a new pastime, one that wouldn't get grass stains on my dress or break my fingernails.

And I found just the perfect summer activity! Taking a stroll in the park, admiring the beautiful flowers. Like those Royal Amphibian Lily Pads which would be a wonderful and romantic addition to my garden. Yes, I know they aren't your average roses. Sell them to me anyway?
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Default   #2   mdom mdom is offline
I usually don't steal... I mean, sell my very own home brewed lily pads totally not from the city park pond. But I'll make an exception because you look so darn pretty in that dress, I can't help but wanting to give you what you want.
So shoot me a trade and also your phone number.
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Hush, don't speak a word... I don't even need to know where those lily pads come from (besides "from my dear suitor"). All I need to know is what you want for dinner. Here's my number.

*a perfumed slip of paper changes hands*
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