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Default Music that calms?   #1  
For some people, just listening to certain music can help so much with over stressful situations. For me, I think that's Moonlight Sonata and almost anything related to Disney movies. Disney music also tends to bring out the artist in me and I just wanna draw non stop while listening to it.

What is it that calms you?
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Default   #2   Quiet Man Cometh Quiet Man Cometh is offline
We're all mad here.
Disney is up there. Specifically, the instrumentals like those from The Lion King, or the beginning tune from Beauty and the Beast. I used to know the names of all the tracks from The Lion King but I've misplaced by CD and it's been a while.
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No, seriously, it's cathartic. That's why I got into it in the first place. It helps me vent in a way that /isn't/ destructive or self-destructive.

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Default   #4   Salone Salone is offline
Problem to the Solution
Things that have easily understood, slightly slower paced lyrics are usually my thing.

Metric's Plug in, Plug Out album is a good one, very calming.

Louis XIV is generally a good one, although if you're just sampling I suggest 'A Letter to Dominique' and 'Hopesick', although the latter lends itself to some melancholy.

Any of the old Glen Campbell stuff, if you can stand country back before it was beer and trucks and that weird honky tonk accent.

And finally, Marcy Playground's self titled album is a fairly decent trip if you just want to space out for a while. If you're only giving one song a chance, I suggest Vampires of New York.
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Quiet Man Cometh Quiet Man Cometh is offline
We're all mad here.
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I find metal to be an anti-depressant often, but not really calming, for my part. Depends on the song, though.
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Default   #6   Lawtan Lawtan is offline
Dragon Storm
Mine is less "calm" and more "don't give up" music...tends to be more folk, classical, and riverdance stuff...some of it is spiritual

Metal and the like I use after I am in a state where I can do something.
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Witchchylde Witchchylde is online now
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Lately I've been rather fixated on melodysheep and their Symphonies of Science on YouTube. My current favorite is "Beyond The Horizon". https://youtu.be/tKjbHv_0KKY
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Default   #8   Quiet Man Cometh Quiet Man Cometh is offline
We're all mad here.
"Fear Not This Night" from the Guild Wars 2 soundtrack.

I'm all over this song right now. There are several covers and instrumental renditions of it. Even the "epic rock" cover I find soothing in a way.
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The One and Only
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I love instrumentals and most game OSTs.
They both help me stay concentrated or calm

Sergeant Pup
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Default   #10   Quiet Man Cometh Quiet Man Cometh is offline
We're all mad here.
I think there's a sort of comfortable familiarity with soundtracks, especially if they come from a game you enjoyed playing and spent a lot of time on. Since you aren't there to listen to the music, it becomes a sort of atmosphere rather than the focus of attention.
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