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Default Digital or Traditional !?!?   #1  
I've been trying to work and improve my art and I'm finding some people who really like it but then when they find out I drew it on the computer they give a more negative response

even if I don't use any special effects
just different brushes

currently signed up for an art class so sometime I'm going to try drawing it again by hand, since I will have an easel for class
(doesn't have one at home nor the space for one)

So, I'm wondering what people look for more so in art
is it the art and/or the medium used?

My drawings:
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Default   #2   Asami Asami is offline
Rainbow Goddess
I think both styles are amazing!
Keep working on getting better and listen to critiques but don't let them get you down

I think you are rather talented ^^
And your artwork is really beautiful

my closet
Dark is my puppyi luff hermes<3
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Ginger Ginger is offline
Default   #3  
I used to have a thing against digital art, however I have learned to appreciate it more. I love both. Your artwork is very nice, but I do think your digital works have more depth and contrast to them, both very important for attention-grabbing. You should consider starting an art gallery on here and maybe opening up an art shop :)
☼ ☾ ✰

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Default   #4   Quiet Man Cometh Quiet Man Cometh is offline
We're all mad here.
I think there is this impression that digital requires less skill than traditional (not that I agree with that), because it's so easy to edit and change things, and effects like bluring and such exists in digital that are harder to pull off in traditional art; you click a button instead of working with a smudger or fingers and you don't like it, you hit "undo" with no eraser marks to try and hide. Because of that I think people expect more from digital art.

I like traditional art, but that's what I learned to do and it interests me more, though I imagine if I had digital art programs on my computer and new more about the tools and techniques I would be more interested in digital art. It's just not a skill set I'm as familiar with.

I do like the blend though, when I see people that do it. The artist Scott M. Fischer (not sure if that's spelt write) that I see on some Magic the Gathering cards is someone I really like, and he blends traditional art with digital for his pieces.

I think another reason people may look down on digital art at times is because it's from a computer and there is no one original piece besides the file. Theoretically, you could print off as many as you like so there could be no shortage of prints. Fischer I know simply makes a limited number of prints and then destroys the file.

I find the debate between the two fairly interesting actually.

As for what I look for in art, I'd say that varies between pieces. Essentially, it depends on how and whether or a not a piece speaks to me. I probably wont react the same to two different pieces by the same artist in the same style.
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Tarrek Tarrek is offline
The Dragon Reborn
Default   #5  
I find that with digital art it is quicker to get a whole piece, but finer detail is harder, but that could be because I have way more experience in traditional. I am seeing that the line is blurring though as I get more practice in photoshop. I had never touched photoshop before January of last year, but now I'm using it more than a pencil.
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Default   #6   Glass Heart Glass Heart is offline

Thank you, I will keep that in mind.
It wasn't really a critique that got me down more so a sad face I said that I drew it and then when she went to ask kind of the medium, I said the computer. I think it was the disappointment in her expression that got me.
I'm always open for critiques, suggestions, and what my bf does "you did it wrong, do it again better"
if anyone would like to critique me it would be great but outside of having a single class my bf is the only one that has really tried to give me any advice
I hope I can get some tips with the drawing class I'm taking now (I wish it was more than once a week.)

Yes, I have thought about that maybe sometime soon. I got some classes I need to study for at the moment, biology.
I'd also have to figure out what my art would be valued as if I started a shop.
A gallery may also be nice since I could maybe get critiques hmm...

@Quiet Man Cometh
Yeah, I'll have to agree with you on that. It seems the only way to prove talent is to record what and how you did a drawing so someone could get the credit for it.
Hmm, I've never thought of a limited amount of copies before that is a neat idea.
I'll have to agree with you I feel the same about art some drawings just seem a lot better than others even with the same artist, it depends.
I think it depends on the artist's mood it always seems to affect my art at least, the more I'm inspired the better the drawing seems to turn out.

It takes me about the same amount of time for either from pencil /pencil like objects vs. tablet. However, other mediums like painting I'd need to get used to before I could completely judge that.
I started using a tablet this past Easter, currently I've been using it a lot more than normal drawing since it not only saves me from using a ton of paper but also my scanner/printer is having some issues.

Thanks Everyone =)
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Tarrek Tarrek is offline
The Dragon Reborn
Default   #7  
I usually use a Wacom screen for my digital stuff. If you don't know, that is one of the expensive screens you can control with a specific pen. I haven't done any painting on paper in a long time, but I remember not liking it much. I prefer pencil to paper. I like clay modelling too though. I've gotten pretty good at painting models.
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Default   #8   Quiet Man Cometh Quiet Man Cometh is offline
We're all mad here.
Does the resolution of the screen make a differnce when it comes to fine details on a computer do you think? What about starting with a very large work and then sizing it smaller as a finished piece? I know some images I see online in digital looks regular size but when I download the file they are massive, not in terms of file size but in image size.
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Tarrek Tarrek is offline
The Dragon Reborn
Default   #9  
Resolution is VERY important to finer detail. I usually run at about 300 for finer stuff. Simple stuff is good at 72 (default). One thing to remember about raster art is that you can always scale down, but can't scale up without blurring and general uglyness, so starting with a higher resolution lets you make something look better when it's both big and small.
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Default   #10   Glass Heart Glass Heart is offline
Yeah I have a wacom bamboo capture is the version I have

yeah resolution is very important I normally start with a large format when I draw something but then shrink it when I put it online but never had it as small as the pictures in my top post before it's mostly for a quick example
I've been trying to find a good one to start with
tried 1024 x 768 but more recently
I rounded those numbers up to 1050 x 770
resolution is like at 72 since I didn't mess with it

(curious what others think would be a good would be good widths, heights, and resolution, at least for what they use?)
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˟ ˟ is offline
Default   #11  

Waow! Those digital scene looking ones are awesome. + o +
Your traditional art isn't so bad either!
Uhm, maybe just practice more? Draw a lot? XD;
Not sure..
Good luck though. c:
Your art is awesome~
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Default   #12   Glass Heart Glass Heart is offline
nods yeah the traditional I have up there is before I started the digital because I haven't taken the time to get a new scanner to post more of it up
but yeah drawing a lot will help more, took a drawing class this term to help with that some, even if I don't like some of the art...
and thanks
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Kage No Hoko Ki Kage No Hoko Ki is offline
Default   #13  
I like both depending on what i want. I mostly just draw but i like looking at peoples digital art. :D
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Default   #14   ~love ~love is offline
Addicted to Trisphee
I like both your trad and CG art D:
I don't know why you'd get a negative response though; was there a difference in style of maybe?
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Mika Mika is offline
Mercury Poisoning!
Default   #15  
I only use traditional, myself. The odd time I'll pixel something, but I prefer paper and pencils.
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Default   #16   Glass Heart Glass Heart is offline
@ Kage No Hoko Ki
here too
though part of the reason I really like digital is that my mom doesn't go through and throw it away, if she finds art that happens to be in her way or has fallen on the floor she'd go through and trash it, less likely to mine since I try to keep it out of her way but it just uses more paper and space than a digital drawing

no I think she just didn't like digital
she loved it before I said it was a digital work...
was showing pictures that I took of my art off to people at work
she said something on the lines of how digital was easier
I think because some people will copy and paste something they have seen into their art... something I really dislike to see but can admire how well some people can do it, just won't do that in my art since I feel it's cheating

I found with the art class I am taking this term that I really like traditional so many different things I need to try
charcoal is one of my favorite and ink drawings I still need to work on the wash for it
but yeah you get kind of a special feel when using traditional sometimes
it's great
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