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Default Trying to create a new style.   #1  
So, this is copy pasta from my Facebook status:

Hey, all you artistic people out there: Does anyone have any good advice on how to create really original styles and characters? I'm not too happy with my current stuff, and want my art to look less realistic, more stylized and original, but with the same amount of detail and attention.

An example of what I'm trying to get at: http://tracyjb.deviantart.com/art/La...ions-193978013
I really don't want to only draw humans; Lackadaisy has gotten me really interested in drawing more animal-like beings.
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Default   #2   Rosekitten Rosekitten is offline
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Omg I love Lackadaisy.. I stalk the DA and comic. But from my experience I can tell you what I normally do to try to change styles or make a new one. I'll take images as references like the one you have there and try to draw the faces. Once your sort of comfortable at drawing them try to change them up or apply them to your own characters even. I dunno this is just what I do, I'm working on a similar style because I want more freedom with expressions an poses than my previous styles gave.

>.<: hope it helped any.. if at all.

Oh and if you are struggling really badly with trying to copy a expression trace it once or twice and try to pick out shapes or some way you can get your brain to grasp how to do a pose or expression. Afterwards you can try to draw it yourself (sometimes it helps to trace a image to get rid of all of the distracting details to help your mind pick out shapes and such to draw easier).

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littl3chocobo littl3chocobo is online now
isn't that funny
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i actually would recommend going back to basics, work on your block-man figures (general shapes) until you have that back down then try tweaking each part of it by adding or taking away until you find a set of measurements you are comfortable with and draw something based on that, i also recommend getting a blank sheet of paper and s]just drawing the wildest doodles you can any way you can think to since a lot of the issue is when one takes drawing in a set of specific steps, this helps by taking away the 'this like here, this line here' part of the process

personally though i quite discourage tracing since that cripples you creatively by substituting one distinct style for another and teaches you nothing about lines and form
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Default   #4   Espy Espy is offline
Thanks :) Will reply to those after I'm...not trying to type on my phone.

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Thorns and Claws
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i said if you were having a issue with getting a certain expression or pose ... i never said hey go trace everything under the sun. Though even art professors will tell you that tracing is not the bane of art by any means. But again each person learns differently so to each their own.

Rose Knight of Chaos
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Default   #6   SolaceXxX SolaceXxX is offline
All of those expressions are amazing!
I love the little comic you added in to it. So adorable!
I loves it here!!!
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Mhm. It's not mine, though; I'd like to be at that level.

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I don't think tracing is bad at all. My art teacher told us that if you trace something 200-300 times, and then draw it 700+ more times, you'll be able to draw it perfectly. That applies to characters, styles, anything. It's all about practice and muscle memory. I believe it because my teacher was a pretty amazing artist who was able to look at any style and replicate it. He could also replicate handwriting.

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If you really want your own style of art. Like they said go back to your basics sure, but you need to think of something that you like that specifies this is yours. Something like over-exaggerated proportions, or maybe your characters could be very slender arms and legs but abnormal foot and hand size like a kingdom hearts characters. Or maybe you could go another route using a specific manner of shading like using nothing but dots for shading instead of solid lines. Or maybe a specific style of color that is your own such as use of highly bright colors or certain specific colors. Some cartoonists even get away with no shading at all because it fits the style. Just think of what you like, and put it in your work.

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Default   #10   Nexess Nexess is offline
The Mad Scientist
BI Actually, just to add on to Choco, if you're doing animals it's better to do the circles and not the blocks. Most animal facial features are more structured around circles, it'll be much easier that way.

Also, yea dude, tracing isn't the way to go, it kind of screws you over when you try to do something original. Just doodle or get a character in mind and try to draw it.

I usually use pens when I try new styles, I just enjoy being able to see what lines I actually used, where as pencil I tend to erase like hell.

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Why try to change? Your style is yours. Why would you want someone else's?
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