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On in to the future
Default Kitty's Short Stories!   #1  
Hello! In here I will be posting some short stories that I have written! Since I am now a freelance writer, I'm going to have to practice more!! So feel free to read my stories!


The Cat Walks Into the Coffee Shop

One day, a cat walked into a coffee shop. He noticed it was peaceful and quiet, with not many people about. He looked over to the counter and noticed the staff working hard to serve people their orders. He went over to the counter and leapt onto it.

The staff suddenly turn around and look at him, shocked. "A cat! A cat!" They shout. The cat doesn't understand what all this fuss is about, he's just a cat, after all. "What do we do?" The cat then stands on his two hind legs, and clears his throat.

"Excuse me, but I would like some coffee, please."

The staff are even more shocked to hear him speak. A talking cat? That is plain nonsense! But here he was, on his two hind legs, imitating a human, and speaking. The people had to wonder if they were dreaming or not. For a long time humans thought that cats were uncapable of speaking any human language. But it appears they were all proven wrong.

The staff finally utter some smiles. "What kind of coffee would you like, sir?" One of them responds. The cat puts a paw to his chin in a thinking pose, and finally answers. "I'd like the Blue Mountain roast, with two spoonfuls of sugar, please." The staff nod. "Right away!"

A few minutes later, and his coffee is all ready to go. He reaches into his messenger bag and pays for his drink. He takes his coffee, jumps off the counter, and heads out the door. Everyone watches him in awe as he leaves the shop. They hope they will get to see him again, as it's not everyday you see a talking cat.

-The End!
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