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Default Tananecu's thread. Searching OC RolePlay.   #1  
Lets start off by introducing myself a little.

My full name is Marcus Johannes Hermanus van Tongeren and I'm currently and Electro student somewhere in the Netherlands, my study doesn't really give me a lot to do so I have plenty of time for other things.

Oh, I'd like it if people'd just call me Tan, Tana or Tananecu.
Vegan makes so many people think I actually am a vegan. ;]

Anyway, I've been an active roleplayer for about eight years of my twenty one year long life, and before that I already used to LARP with a few boys from my class. I can genuinely say that I love fretting in other people their heads and thinking of plot twists.

I've always had a hard time of grasping the concept of thinking of a plot beforehand, I'm pretty decent as coming up with things as they go, experience mainly picked up in fast paced 1x1 roleplay. People might recognise me from Myrealms or from Chatango, where I have several accounts.

Onto the subject of Trisphee; this would be my first forum based site I'd actually get pretty active on. So I'm hoping for a little quirky acceptance from the people around me and all should be swell.

Now, for the roleplaying part. Genre, setting, plot, I'm ok with just about anything. As long as I can play my own OC in it. ;]
I have several characters which might interest some of you out there which I'll be posting one at a time. I usually let the details about my characters up to the minds eye of my roleplaying partner.

Lastly I read a lot about pairings, I suppose I'm up for about anything, but my preferences tend to vary from time to time, look at them like mood swings.

Time for me to go and introduce you to one of my chars. Enjoy!

"The last liquinoid."
Current property of Lauv Keiko.
Anurah Loveheart My adorable little house cat pet. :3
"To be locked away for an eternity, only to live again at the cost of another."
"Carry the burden."

Roleplay info
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Default Vegan Tananecu   #2   Vegan Tananecu Vegan Tananecu is offline
Vegan has a few possible backgrounds, depending on what type of world I bring him into. In all cases he ends up a Liquinoid, the meaning of that word varying as needed.
  • Background 1 [Medival, Liquinoid = metal biased parasitic life form.]
    Night, the sky lit with the shine of faraway stars and heavenly bodies. The young smith looked up from his anvil and wiped the dirt and sweat from his forehead. He smiled looking at the wonderful spectacle laid out above him. He was no astronomer, but he could still enjoy the beauty of what floated up in the nights sky.
    A flash of light tore the stars apart and for a moment the man was blinded, he stumbled, knock over some tools and finished work, the sound deafening, whereafter the ground shook and the sound of impact being released not to far from him.
    After a while he got up, shaking his head, rubbing his eyes to see what had happened.
    Outside he found a crater, with in the centre of it, a piece of a fallen star. He remembered stories of weaponry forged of starmetal and eagerly he grabbed throngs and dragged the meteorite to his furnace. The material was already immensely hot but it had solidified on impact. As he heated the material it seemed to move, and coil around itself. When he tried to pour it into a mold afterward, it happened.
    With lightning speed glowing strands of the metallic substance latched onto him, scorching his flesh, releasing the putrid smell of burnt human, he could feel the burning mineral entering his body, crawling through his vascular system, and moments later all went black. The man did not move for days, whereafter he sat up, both of his pupils filled with a deep silver. His body moved clunky, but then grinned and grabbed a ton of traveling tools whereafter he walked off.
  • Background 2 [Anything sci-fi allowed Liquinoid = Sentient alien lifeform]
    The surging power of electricity had blocked off his thoughts for so long, he hardly had any recognition of what he was. He looked around, two silver blobs where his hands were supposed to be. He was unstable, trying to get up made his body fall apart time after time. Around him the bloodied bodies from his former captors. He started to slowly remember now. The abductions from their planet, the demineralization, and the complete wipe of its empty husk. Before that the enslavement of his folk, known for their sculpting skills, they were the living metal, they were the Liquinoid. At that moment his hands became fists, anger filled his still partially restarting being as he felt every sentient part of him filling with a deep rage. The broken husk of the ship he had been serving in lie before him. Without him in its system, dead, void of power. They had used his people as wiring, tubing filled with their permanently shocked bodies, the voltage keeping them unconscious for years and years. He did not know how far away from home he was, but he did know he would no longer be a prey to anyone.
  • Background 3
    The alchemist nodded slowly in the direction of his apprentices, they all activated their own alchemical parts of the process at once as the head then followed to complete it, in front of him all the golden tribute, all the substances started to disappear, deconstruct into nothing but energy, it wasn't before long until something started to take shape. A silven vascular system started to appear, it moved in human fashion, and the outline of the jaw moved, but with just this it couldnt talk. Something went wrong, silveren lines altered the equations written down on the ground, the thing was changing the ritual, one by one the poor apprentices were pinned down, their blood used to write additional equations and calculations, then they were pulled inside the ritual and dissolved like everything else that had been dragged beyond the boundary of imagination. "No, you can not do this! I- I am your master, your creator!" The thing seemed to stop for a moment, as two empty eyes looked at him, a wheezy voice echoed through the room that had been in precautionary lockdown. "Fah Dehr, Hyou. I- I-" the creature inced in his direction, tearing itself loose from the centre, partially dissolving again but resisting further damage. Its face started to generate at an alarming pace until a silveren man stood in front of what he had just named his father. "You will suffice." And with that the creature pierced through the alchemist his body, tearing him apart and bathing in the mans being, absorbing his flesh, his skin.
    The ritual quieted down and after days the doors were opened by other people that had been told to do just so. They found a carnage, no one remained but the alchemist. They buried the man, he had done so much for the people.
    At night the grave started to move, the silven creature emerging from the grave, grinning rows of shark like silver teeth bear to the light of the moon whereafter it started running.

Commonly Vegan looks like the average human, having a natural ability for altering his appearance. He is almost indestructible when it comes to sheer force, quite resistance to temperatures and unharmed by extreme weather conditions.
Don't get me wrong, he has plenty of weaknesses too. But those are for you to find out ;]
He is about 6'2" in his normal state with usually brown eyes, silver irises, and a lean tall figure.

His weapon of choice being either a two handed weapon or his own body. In essence he could be described as a charming person, if he takes a liking to you that is.

He is my main character, and quite adaptive.
He is also quite fond of fragile things and the creation of jewelry and other fine objects.

"The last liquinoid."
Current property of Lauv Keiko.
Anurah Loveheart My adorable little house cat pet. :3
"To be locked away for an eternity, only to live again at the cost of another."
"Carry the burden."

Roleplay info
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Lauv Keiko Lauv Keiko is offline
Silent Scream
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Never knew your Liquinoid is THAT interesting~ Hmm... I don't really post my OC's in any forum, but if you'd like brief info of them, I'll send you a PM :'D

^Toxxic art
art by chocobo & honey
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Default   #4   Princess_Creep Princess_Creep is offline
Are you literate/semi lit?
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Lauv Keiko Lauv Keiko is offline
Silent Scream
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@Princess Creep:: To answer your question, he varies from semi lit to full lit. He usually goes full lit though.

^Toxxic art
art by chocobo & honey
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