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1: Follow the Trisphee Rules (I'll be gladly to link you the rules)

2: No trolling (I don't tolerate trollers) and spamming (I do understand if you post one word on accident, but when repeatly I'll warn about it).

3: When posting cosplays, don't flame them since cosplayers have worked very hard and paid alot to get their outfits right and go to these conventions/cons.

4: No drama here, it's a hangout, not a Dr. Phil thread. I can always make a Dr. Phil thread.

5: I support critiques whether positive or negative, but be constructive about the message, not for example "I don't like the wig". Give a reason why you don't like it/like it (i.e: "I'm not a fan of the wig because the color/style/length/etc. of it is off". And Tips and tricks and tutorials I LOVE them, post those whenever the moment is right XD.

6: All I can say here is to have fun

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