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I hope this is the right place for this thread = )

Anyone else planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year? Have you done it in the past? What're you thinking of writing about?

I did it successfully in 2010 (despite falling way behind and having to write 15,000 words the final day). Last year I was way too busy to do much, so I plan on re-using the idea I didn't really write from last year this year. It's a semi-generic fantasy novel about a group of chosen heroes who have to save the world, but I'm hoping it'll be a little bit unusual in that the way they have to save the world is by releasing a sealed evil god and restoring the proper balance to nature.

My 2010 novel was about a half elf/half dwarf sent as an ambassador to the elven kingdom. It was really mostly a slice of life story and I'm sort of proud of it even though not a lot actually happens in it action-wise.
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