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See, the big offender was a war fiction series. My first mistake was buying the first three without reading the first one, well...first.

The gist of it goes that a few modern aircraft carriers are part of a program to test teleportation. Instead of moving though, they go through time and wind up popping in to WW2. So I'm expecting fun stuff with the implication of modern technology used in brutal ways and Nazi helicopters and maybe Soviets on the moon and stuff. Oh no, no no no.

In the first real scene, one of the aircraft carriers warps in to the same spot currently occupied by an American battleship. So the ships are fused together, body parts just end at walls, things like that. Unfortunately there are about 6 'main characters' at this point, all mixed from different time periods. Unfortunately, I have to see the exact same event from all of their points. It's like every year in history, you were taught about the nomadic tribes crossing the land bridge in to North America. I get it. Let's move on. A ship appeared. Do not tell me six times. Unfortunately, the book continuously abuses this mechanic. I could not make it through it.
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