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Well, after months of toil, my secret project, named "Crown of Chaos", is now complete! It is a heroic crown of sonnets: 14 sonnets, with the last line of each poem making up the first line of the next. In addition, the first line of each poem combines to form yet another sonnet, which I've called the "Crown Jewel". For further explanation, please check out the wikipedia page on the subject. The tone of the work ranges from light-hearted to serious, but I think that, in general, it's a bit more silly than most of my poetry, which I quite like. The actual topic of the work is... well, I guess I should just let it explain itself.

Crown of Chaos - Crown Jewel

Crown of Chaos 1 – Intro

Crown of Chaos 2 – Why I fight

Crown of Chaos Crown 3 – Picking a topic

Crown of Chaos 4 – Actual Introduction

Crown of Chaos 5 – References

Crown of Chaos 6 – Self Doubt

Crown of Chaos 7 – It's good to be the king

Crown of Chaos 8 – Beta

Crown of Chaos 9 – Music

Crown of Chaos 10 – Commitment

Crown of Chaos 11 – Self-esteem

Crown of Chaos 12 - Feelings

Crown of Chaos 13 - Humor

Crown of Chaos – 14 Final Remarks

In all likelihood, you just read a clunky wall of text. There's no need for me to make you read even more in my signature.
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