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Hey everyone! I'm participating in the Ration Challenge this year, and would appreciate any support you can spare. I'm hoping to raise enough money to earn the salt reward, the vegetable reward, and the 4 ounces of additional protein reward (a total of $600 USD) or at least the salt reward ($200 USD). Every dollar helps refugee families.

During Refugee Week (June 16-23, 2019), I will be only consuming identical rations to those Syrian refugees receive, and water, unless I earn additional items. To give you an idea of what I'll have access to, here's my rations, minus the additional 14 ounces of flour and additional 3 pounds, 3 ounces of rice that I can have:

I have to make all this, plus 14 ounces of flour, and an additional 3 pounds, 3 ounces of rice, last for a week. This is ~1/4th of the rations a refugee family of six or more would receive for a month.

My page for this fundraiser is
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