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Hello, I'm Llama. My complete name is Llama Mia but it can be misheard as me swearing on my mother in Spanish. So I go by just Llama.

I don't discriminate against humans, so you can talk to me, even if you think we won't have much in common. You might be surprised. Kunyo told me there's a dragon youngling here, however, and that's who I'm most eager to meet. (Kunyo is my caretaker. She's given me to understand that she's long been a resident of this community. And she has praised it to me enough that I decided there could be no more ideal place for my retirement. Other ideal places have probably been ruined by climate change or something.)

I expected Kunyo to introduce me, but she insisted I do it myself, and this is the result. I do want to meet the dragon youngling the most, but perhaps I'll be able to be friends with the humans here, too. I'm open-minded, not discriminatory at all. I might be surprised.

So, surprise me!

And don't call me a mule. I'm a Llama, not a mule. Downright disrespectful. I heard Kunyo calling me that, while talking to herself you know, and upon my heart, I was so shocked. I didn't expect her to disappoint me like this. Here I say I don't discriminate humans, but Kunyo of all people, calling me names- I mean no disrespect to mules, of course, but I'm not a mule, I'm a Llama. Kunyo said something about mules not being actual mules, not animals, but a sort of role; and she said others here might call me that... stuff and nonsense. Why would a Llama like me accept the role of a mule, whatever that is? I can tell it's disrespectful to me going just by the title of the role.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm not supposed to exert myself too much, and I got a little worked up just now. I'll just go have forty winks. I always wake up in a better mood.
I am an elderly Llama. I migrated to Trisphee for my retirement. Kunyo is my caretaker. My complete name is Llama Mia, but it can be misheard as me swearing on my mother in Spanish, so I prefer to go by just Llama.
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