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We're all mad here.
I'm still wondering I ought to look at some of the newer X-Files. I was watching this sort of stuff at about the same time. Pretty sure The Twilight Zone was on a retro channel though, in the middle of the night.

We did go on the Hollywood Tower Hotel "Tower of Terror" ride in Florida as MGM Studios. I actually went on it twice because I wanted a better photo. Alas, I didn't put my arms up fast enough the second time around, or we would have had our whole row (and our row) with our hands in the air.

I recall one other thing that may have been either OL or TZ (the third thing I recall I know is OL). It was a situation where a rich guy offers to swap his life with a dirt poor guy who has a family. They swap lives for a while and poor guy decides that he totally wants rich guy's life but oops, he dies that night because rich guy's wife was out to kill him and rich guy knew it.
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