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Awww, I love when you can trade a mediocre (or even bad) villager for one you want!

Derpy and I are still hunting for more cat villagers, but after initially saying no because I got my villagers mixed up and thought they wanted to kick out a kitty then nearly 10 minutes of chatting and attempting to win their card game, we have a unicorn!
They're not all cats, but we're at 4 villagers that we wanna keep.

Also...Maggie looks super cute!
I had to exit the game a few times til she picked a villager I was ok with switching out. First two times it was villagers I wanted to keep. :C So it can be tedious ;w;

And yes, when she came to Pocket Camp I really liked her ;w; Was amazed to see her camping!

Oh, and I did finally get a bear(well, cub) villager not too long ago, either. So that was another on my villager wishlist. :3

Goodbye, my sweet Kisser. I miss you everyday.
ty bluebird for the art
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