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The invited ladies arrived and Fawn took care to greet each one. Better to make a good impression even if she came off as eager to please.

"There's elderberry, earl grey and peppermint, in choice of teas," she said, pointing out the teapots. "And there's cherry decant if you're not feeling up to hot tea sitting outside on a summer's day. That's what I'm having." She smiled, lifting her dainty cup to quivering lips. She was nervous, and it would annoy her indeed if she was too nervous to enjoy all the food.

She set down her cup and looked around. The ladies were already murmuring to themselves, with occasional half-glances her way, and she thought with some dismay that since they already knew each other that was another barrier to her socialising.

She turned to her nearest neighbour, a lady whose cup was placed next to hers, and said, "Hello! I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Fawn Posey." She hoped the lady would introduce herself in return. Although Fawn had hand-written the tea party invitations, she knew the names of the ladies she had invited but not the faces.
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