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Cool Just wanted to share my mer-dad for a bit...mkay bye! x}   #1  
So, this is my fish dad. He's kind of a badass. <x'}
I can only dream of being this badass for now.
But one day I aspire to be this cool. +w+
My dad doen't really know how to record anything except in portrait on his phone, and the sound isn't the best,
but it's still neat to see him play. :] He's been playing long before I was born, and though he's got some muscle damaged in his hand from a thumb injury, he's still skilled. :D This is one of his very own, on-the-fly, improvised sessions.
Original Rock Ballad by Merskelly's dad

ps. did I already share this?? o-0;

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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