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I'm glad it resonated, KittyBeary~

Mers!! These are the cards cast for your question:
Page of Bats: This card says you're eager to learn! You like finding things out and you like research and learning new things, and you go after the knowledge that you want; you're a seeker. You'll see that the Page in this card has his binoculars in his satchel and his swirly magic glasses, someone out to find out more than what's on the surface, more than what he already knows.

Five of Bats: You can see a clown comforting a cat-costumed person in this card while a wily fellow makes off with the goodies. The bats look kind of gleeful while the moon is unimpressed and the black cat is angry. Someone might try to take credit for your work, or your work may not get the recognition it deserves, but don't let it bring you down because you'll definitely reap the benefits of the work you put in, in the end.

Four of Pumpkins: The veggie-person in this card is planting pumpkins, as you can see from the little marking posts he stuck in the ground so he knows what he planted there. This card is telling you that now is the time to sow what you want for future harvests. It says you're ready to start, or maybe that you've already started!

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Don't be alarmed, we just have a minor case of face hugging adorable monsters. I'm sure it'll blow over eventually.

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