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I'm actually aiming to visit New Zealand or Australia within the next year or so. Hopefully planes will be able to go there from where I am. <:/ And hopefully the governments will allow me to go there...I hope to actually live there. I'm a Cali native, and I was raised around the beach, the sun and smiles. <:c I really miss the smiles the most. As of recently, there's been few smiles and good feels in Cali, and I noticed they migrated across the pacific somewhere. <x)
Kinda hoping to quit my job and find one new overseas, but it's a big longshot, unless I have a career or skilled work in mind. <:( Of which I have neither...
Might try different things to help get me there. ^-^ I really don't want to die in the same old place like the majority of Americans. <:/ Even young 20-something year olds like me. I just wish it were as easy as getting up and going, but it's not. <:(

This year has been one big OOF. All my hopes are dead and my pessimism is more on point than Robin Hood with a bow and arrow. ;u; Like the moment after leaving an abusive relationship, I've come to expect the absolute worst from everyone before even expecting anything remotely positive. I wouldn't be surprised to hear, "Yes, you can come to New Zealand, as long as you have purchased a Visa, hand over your personal medical records, your employer approval, your tax return documents, your vehicle history, your university transcripts and GPA file, your left arm, your firstborn, and finally an 800 dollar fee."
And I would be like, ;u; "Okay. I'll come back in 3 years if I'm alive."

Uni work is really REALLY tedious and I wish I wasn't so easily put off by it, and just got it DONE for once. <X') I have terminal procrastination, and sometimes I just can't do anything unless it's last minute. But I'm trying my hardest. <:/ Despite Lit classes being some of my favorites, it really depends on the workload and the professor. I can get away with A LOT in online classes, and I don't care to punish myself for my atrocious misdeeds. <X) Such as reading books for free online, not getting the book at all, open book notes for a closed book test, making up chapter/novel responses when I haven't even read it all, the list goes on. <8/ But I'm not a cheater. I haven't cheated on tests or projects/papers since 10th grade in High School. But sometimes for the sake of passing a class, I consider it. <X/ But I haven't ever!

<:D Hey, that's good though, thanks for that! I'm glad my little romance short story thing could serve as motivation! ^-^ Sometimes I read it over when I want to feel happy for something other than food and online dragons on Flight Rising. (I honestly could have made it SO much spicier, but I liked the subtler tone better. >u>;) -u- It will be such a relief once classes end. Then I can focus on Christmas projects, keeping warm with soup and tea, :) and trying not to lose my mind at work. <XD Hahaha! But hopefully things get a little better with better leadership. <:] Who knows? I'm just going to go about things still as if they were about to get much worse tho. With caution and consideration. -u- <3

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