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[top]Beta Information

Closed/Open Beta?
Trisphee's closed beta phase was any date before August 14, 2010. Their open beta was from August 15, 2010 to September 14th, 2010. Trisphee is now fully open (as of September 15th, 2010) so there are no more beta stages.
What are the Beta Items?
Closed Beta testers received an Anka the Phoenix item as well as the Beta Fishes. Everyone who was here before August 15th 2010 recieved these items for free.

Open Beta testers received the Rave Fever and Tech Horns.

Note: There was a temporary re-release of these items when the first yearlies were released for those who were not here to get them during beta. However, that is currently over as well.
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