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Yeah, that book (Stranger in a Strange Land) was tough for me too. It's just a drier read than I anticipated so I had to be in the right mood to really get into it.
i have a memo app where i list the books i want to get from the library (as well as books i want to buy for myself too), and i've put Stranger in a Strange Land back on there with a note to start at chapter 12. i mean, it was kinda starting to get interesting. so we'll see how it goes.

i also have the books in the Poldark series on my list, as well as some other random books in the series i'm reading (The Hollows, Stephanie Plum. Warriors) that aren't out yet.

the Poldark books are at the library, as well as the two books the series You was based on, so those are on my list... ooh, i might go for those once i'm finally reading my last library book i have out (it's only 2 now! woot!)

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