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Eeeee! When I think of sequels of horror movies... I think of.... Human Centipede 2. O_O Who would have been so sick enough to even think of the first one... but let alone make a sequel!?!?! >A<

Oh, yeah. I remember those days in school. :( I remember when I was a kid in middle school, when the girls had to change clothes in the locker room, there was one girl who really didn't give a shit if anyone saw her body. The other girls called her a lesbian because they thought that all girls should be self conscious. I remember people spreading rumors about me and my girlfriends because we used to hold hands everywhere. Kids were so ignorant back then, I swear!

Ohhh. That is understandable. :( I tend to have very obscure fandoms too. It's difficult to see so many people having fun with their fandoms, and you sit there by yourself because your fandom is so small. ;A; In those situations, I wish I was more of a content creator so I could make more content for the fandoms I am that don't have much content. >n< I used to draw a lot, but lately I've lost my enjoyment from it. I have only gotten back into writing fan fiction more recently, but I'm nowhere near good enough that I would write fanfics for the obscure fandoms I am a part of. ;n;

I LOVE those really creative cosplays. I feel like there's always hundreds of Jokers and Harley Quinns. It's nice to see something more creative at a convention. :) It's especially nice seeing more homemade ones rather than the ones people buy. c:

I'm definitely going to check it out! I LOVE almost everything Disney. xD

Yeah! Beans always loved the veggie juices. My mom used to give her scraps from the juicer also, like if an apple didn't get completely blended, she'd give it to Beans, or if some kale got stuck. Beans was always hungry for a treat. She LOOOVED bananas too. I should have named her Banana. I think if more people knew how sweet and loving bunnies could be, they'd be less of them in foster care and in shelters. <3 My heart goes out to bunnies because it seems like so many people think that they are just giant hamsters and they don't realize how to care for them.
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