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*nodnod* -u- Some originals still hold up when compared to the remake. Though horror movie SEQUELS are their on their whole other plane of existence. >_>; I never understood those, it's the same thing, but happening to someone else, somewhere else...=~=; It's redundant. Though I DID enjoy The Evil Dead and thought the Evil Dead 2 was so much better. :D

<x} I was the weird but outspoken kid. I was bullied for being annoying as hell. ;U; And also because I was a girl that liked boy things, so the boys wouldn't play with me for very long since I didn't understand their rules and the girls pretty much condemned me from ever being included in anything. >3> Bah! I didn't care. I wasn't girly anyway.
<:/ But I feel ya with the sitting in the classroom alone all the time. I usually spent my recesses that way, just snacking and sitting and maybe drawing on a piece of paper, while everyone pretty much ignored me. ;U; Sometimes, if I was quiet enough and hidden well, the teachers would forget I was there and left the room with me inside...where I'd wait until everyone came back in...</3 good times.

<X) I can't fit in anywhere, which is why I picked the alien aesthetic, since I feel like I'm from another planet. :/ Wish I could relate to nerds and geeks but, I don't DnD, I don't read any comics, I am not at least 78% familiar with most nerdy shows and movies and therefore cannot contribute to geeky conversations featuring them primarily. ;u; I don't like enough anime to be a weeb, and I don't like enough Star Trek to be a Trekkie. I'd belong with the Literature geeks, BUT I haven't read anything they have, and they read a LOT! 8( And I don't. <x]
Can't belong with the math nerds or science nerds because I gave up understanding those subjects to make room in my brain for dumb jokes. ;u; And I don't know how to play any instruments so I can't chill with the band geeks. >n< As much as I play video games, I can't fit in with the video game geeks either, since I haven't even played HALF of any of the must-plays they ALWAYS recommend to me. Q-Q And I got no gaming skills whatsoever compared to them...Doesn't help that ontop of all of that, my friends belong more with the geeks and nerds than I do. I just can't very well articulate how out of place it feels.

<:/ It's like being the only one with a joke cosplay at a convention full of people with complete cosplay outfits, and nobody gets the joke cosplay you're wearing, because it's just a just 2 pieces of toast taped to the front and back of your t-shirt. ;_; And people ask what you're supposed to be, and you have to keep explaining that you're a narrative representation of the universe, how it's end and beginning are one in the same at different points in time and space, and the matter in between has a set time to live and die, therefore you represent intelligent life's existence which does not go past the end, nor before the beginning, and we are all destined to return to our original compositions at the end of our mortal coil....but instead you say, "I'm an idiot sandwich." Because you are so desperate to keep your mouth shut. <x')

Ah but anyways, I think you'd like that one. ^U^ It's short but has variety and spooky Halloween themes!

But wow! :D I didn't think bunnies liked veggie juice! That's cute! <xD haha, I'll bet she was excited because of all the fresh things to eat in a fridge and someone to open it for her and give her nibbles to snack on. x}
Rabbits are quiet, and a little unconventional, but they are great pets if you know how to take care of them. :) They're also super cute and soft. <xD <3

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