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Double Rainbow
My dad is a fan of those old horror movies, so he thought that the original was much better than the remake.
I was never truly "bullied" in school, and definitely not to the power that Carrie endured, but I was a really "weird" kid, so many people often avoided me. I used to get to school early and just sit in the classroom because no one was there, so I'd sit there by myself so no one would see me sitting all alone. Sometimes I even ate my breakfast in the classroom before anyone got there.
Awwh! :( Why can't you relate to the nerds and geeks? :<

Ooo! I don't think I've seen that one. :D I love the Disney villains! c: I am going to put together a list of the Halloween movies I want to watch on Halloween this year. They are all Disney Channel specials, though .=u=

Aww! Beans was that way sometimes too! She could be anywhere in the house, but when she heard the fridge door open, she'd come running to the person who opened the fridge. She especially loved my mom because my mom likes to juice and she'd give Beans some of the veggie scraps. Sometimes she'd make some juice for Beans and put it in a little dish and Beans would drink her juice with the rest of us. xD

I think bunnies are so underrated! People don't realize how precious and loving they can be. <3
"I dare a man to say I'm too young..
For I'm going to try for the sun!"

--- Donovan
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