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<:T Awwh, yeah. Carrie is easy to sympathize for, so it's less scary and more like, <X'( "This is what you all get for being mean to Carrie!" xD
I've only seen the original, but the original is pretty much the same premise. :) She was innocent and unassuming and just bullied for being plain and shy, poor thing... ;_; I was like that in High School, but I just wasn't bullied for it because I forced myself to be friendlier and likable. I was always the weird kid too, <u<; Who thought she was a velociraptor instead of a boy or girl, hehe. Luckily, I wasn't the only weird kid for a little while and made a couple friends.. but I find I'm still weird, ;-; and sad now, because I can't relate to the normie folks. <x'C I can't even relate to the nerds and geeks around me even though I like a lot of the same things, booo.

But a fun Halloween thing I like to watch is old Halloween cartoons. :D I always watch Mickey's house of Villains every Halloween if you've seen it. ^-^ It's funny to remember that Jafar played a round of magic baseball with Mickey at one point. x'D

Awwww! Preshhh! <x'D <3 Haha! That's quite the trait! >W< Cheeky little bratty bunny. My friend had a rabbit that would always stay around her, unless you had anything that looked leafy or springy in your hand, then he'd totally leave her and come over to you and be your best friend instead as long as you fed or played or pet him. X'D His name was Oreo.

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