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Double Rainbow
The most recent "scary" movie I have watched that surprisingly didn't scare me or spook me was Carrie. The new one with Chloe Moretz. I was the "weird" kid in school myself up until I started online high school. So I guess I felt like I could relate to her in some ways? I'm not really sure why it didn't scare me. But I wasn't scared of Kill Bill, but I got really spooked and nauseated by The Hateful Eight. >n<

Hahah! Goat lady sounds like a really fun costume idea! At the very least, it would probably be a fun costume for a RenFaire.

Beans' first Halloween, I wanted to put her in a bumblebee costume because she was a black rabbit and I thought it would be cute. But the first year, she was too small for most of the costumes the store had, so I put her in a Wonderwoman costume meant for small puppies. It was cute, but I think the bumblebee costume was much cuter! OWO I was so happy when I was able to find one in her size!

Bunnies have such funny personalities! Beans was always so naughty around me and my family, but was always a perfect little angel around anyone else.
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