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.u. I like ssssome scary movies! ^-^; I'm still a bit skittish around most slasher flicks, but I have seen some real screaming scary films before. Like the Exorcist, and Pet Semetary. o_o; I don't like stuff with too much blood and gore, (which is surprising because I like Tarantino flicks.) but I DO like stuff with creative monsters and creepy scares instead of jump scares. 8O

Awwwwh! <8'o That sounds really really adorable! <3 The last time I answered the door with my horns on, a couple kids thought I was a goat lady. =U-; I was supposed to be a demon, but I didn't have a tail or wings, just the horns, so, of course there was misunderstanding. But, on the other hand, being an Aries, >.> I technically AM a goat. <XD Or rather the goat sign. lol!

It's also not too well known, but I've witnessed rabbits to have such personality! <x)

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