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Saw Hazbin Hotel. :/ Very well animated. Looks absolutely professional. Interesting premise and characters. A great joke here and there.
Though it reminded me a ton of my ex friend, <-< (Who honestly would fit right in down in that sort of hell.) and made me mad for some reason. B/
Still, I hope it's creators work on achieving the dream. <:/ I understand a lot of animation artists work in small groups and build companies only to see them die or worse, get picked up by a bigger corporation and completely eaten up, with nothing left but cash-ins and sell-out products. <:c

Anyway, ;U;
I'm so goddamn lonely...and sad. Great to be here!
;n; I think imma cry today...and drink some water...and do my homework or else I'll fail, and if I fail something again I'm gonna shut down. ;n; And when I shut down, I hit dock bottom again. Q-Q|||

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