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Aww, Derpy! That tree is beautiful :D

My parents and I usd to celebrate Thanksgiving with my grandfather and his family every year. He was often absent though and wasn't really involved with my life much. That side of my family is also full of just... really, really bad people.

Eventually, my grandmother passed away, we used to have Thanksgiving at her house each year. After she passed, the family got really stingy and no one wanted to host Thanksgiving at their homes (unless it was with the family members that would spread gossip, and they'd use Thanksgiving as a means of getting the "tea" on those who did not attend)

Honestly, they were really sh*tty people anyway. After that, all the other members that I actually loved and cared about also passed on, so my parents and I had no reason to keep visiting on Thanksgiving.

So now we don't "celebrate" Thanksgiving.

Christmas is kinda the same too. Although, Christmas was always just my parents and I because we lived in rural-ish Minnesota where oftentimes, if you tried to travel, you'd get trapped in the airport due to the bad snowstorms or you'd literally not be able to leave your house because the door would be snowed in.

Nowadays, my parents and I don't really "celebrate" Christmas even. We don't do anything special at all, really. It's just December 25th for us...
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