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Dec- 2 holidays in 1 (Wear 2 different holiday items example a santa hat + a pumpkin)

Jan- Happy Newb Year (Wear newbie shirt in shop)

Feb- Icecream and other sweets (In case someone doesn't get the ICECREAM STUFF *hint hint lol y'all should buy 1* all sweets are acceptable)

March- Sock it to me (miss matched socks)

April- Crazy Kiddos (Dress like a kid dressed up your avi)

May- Flowers and nature

June- Trinkets Shop

July- Runaway on the runway (Model fashions)

August- Token Shop
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I wish there's an item that is a mountain of shit XD
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are we bankrupting gizzie

Gizzie, s Questie-->>
ART SHOP-->> By Glitch
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