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English... Chinese...

Chinese is an odd one. I can speak Mandarin almost as well as someone born and raised in Taiwan, but reading and writing Chinese is... a struggle. I’ve picked up a decent amount of conversational Taiwanese (Hokkien), so I can understand the basics of most conversations, but I can’t really join in. Cantonese I can understand a bit here and there; not any specific words, but rather the similarities in tone, inflection, and cognates to Mandarin and Taiwanese.

I’ve retained a bit of Spanish from my high school days, though listening is still a lot easier than speaking or writing bc conjugations hurt my brain.

Most Romance languages, I can get the general gist of in written form; same with most west Germanic languages. I think that’s mostly from exposure to music and song lyrics? North Germanic, though, I’m still working on.

Would be really cool if not entirely useful to learn Mongolian, but that would be pretty hard given the lack of live languages in that family.

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