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Gizzie: Hmmm...idk how Derpy would feel about stealing....>.>
But he does love coffee and donuts...

Merskelly: Time to break out the good tea set! Though maybe coffee for Derpy. (And yes, I have a fancy/good tea set...which I have never used because I know it was probably very expensive and I'd be sad if I broke it)

Ava: Awwww that would be so cute! If my phone didn't suck so much (aka be slow af and not do video chat stuff or videos or voice stuff outside of just a normal phone call without wifi) I'd say I could download something like Zoom for people to wish Derpy happy birthday. XD
That and on his actual birthday I'll be at work so if the boss shows up, I wouldn't be able to pull it off then anyway even though I'd have good wifi.
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