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You stumble into this thread, unsuspecting and innocent, when you hear manic laughter and someone charges at you with a spiked banana.


A spiked banana.

Those things exist.

At the first moment you can't even decide if you're more terrified by that raving lunatic or the thought of being hit by Napoleon Bananaparte. Are the spikes poisonous? Wouldn't it hurt to have his tiny monocle shatter on you? Why is he even wearing one in the first place? Funny how these thoughts always come when you just should run for your life. The mad guy chases you with his fruit. Maybe this would be the right time to part with your grandma's heirloom, that original Bedlam straight jacket from 1734. You know you want to buckle me up. You want to see me in Straight Crazy.

Make your offer quick, lest I catch you.

Friday is my second favorite F word.
(my first is "food")
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