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On in to the future
As she sat there in the crowded cafe the thoughts of how alone she was began to swell up inside. Daring to spill out as tears slipping down her pale cheeks. Clutching to the paper cup between her trembling hands. The heat of the liquid inside giving little to no comfort as she continued the downward spiral. All she wished was for someone she knew to appear, to call her name. Anyone at all that could break this chain of depressing reflection. Yet, nothing happened.. she was still there by herself, the laptop she had brought with her being the only companion of her's at the moment. Despite the fact that she was a relatively sickly young female who usually preferred to be on her own, she longed for a hand to hold. It had been such a long time since she last had the sensation of arms wrapped around her aching form.

Music blaring in her ears now she tried her damnedest to ignore the gnawing sensation of longing and loneliness. Soon enough it became too much, she rose from the seat. quickly shoving all of her belongings into her backpack before leaving the tiny cafe. Tossing the remains of her sickly sweet drink into a nearby trash bin. Heart aching for some form of contact beyond the casual chit-chat that could be heard all throughout the mall. Strangers faces were all she could see, no sense of familiarity at all. Horrid thoughts of permanently ending this perpetual isolation swam around her mind, clouding all reasonable thoughts.

If this continued she would be unable to go back, let alone be anywhere near normal again. Emotional scars ran deep, afraid of opening up to just anyone. She'd long ago thrown away the medicine, attempted to deal with it all on her own. Now, when she needed it the most, nobody was around to lean on. All she had wanted was a friend, a lover something. Craving some kind of acceptance from a being other than herself, yet it seemed that would never come.

The woman wandered now, aimlessly, throughout the cold building that was filled with so many people. Crowds upon crowds and yet she'd never felt so alone, not since the time her mother had passed on. Finally she had made her way into the food court, gazing at the signs. Although not really paying attention to them at the same time, everything was a dull blur. Then suddenly all at once she was bumped into, falling forward with a yelp of surprise.
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