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So, I have plenty of spare items from events that I have yet to chuck at the exchange in hopes that I'll get an older item.

The Birdday Event will not be listed here until it's over, since I've already set up a thread over there for trading porpoises.

This will be edited in time.

- 1x Button Hairpin
- 1x Deer Me Spring Crown
- 1x Eliza's Hair
- 2x Vayne's Hair
- 1x Cyber Hacker Top
- 1x Marcus' Shirt
- 1x Basic Wrinkled Tank
- 2x Deer Me Shorts
- 1x Marcus' Boots
- 1x Trisiana's Boots
- 1x Vayne's Boots
- 1x Button Shoes
- 1x Spectrum Stockings
- 1x Marcus' Belt
- 1x Marcus' Tattoo
- 1x Trisiana's Scales
- 1x Vayne's Belt
- 1x Button Bag
- 1x Splotched Loony Scarf
- 3x Deer Me Garter
- 1x Digit the Cat
- 2x Miss Kitty Von Ravenclaw
- 1x Toby the Cat
- 1x Stormy Skies
- 2x Cloudy Skies
- 1x Starry Skies
- 2x The Hill of Decision
- 1x Jumbo Giraffe
- 2x Droopy Dragon
- 1x The Knife
- 2x Dear Dumbo Dreamer
- 2x Wonderful Wings
- 1x Doggy Delicacy
- 1x Kitty Paradise
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