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[top]Creating Your Avatar

How do I make an Avatar?
That's easy! To make an avatar, you need to do is:
1) Click the 'Avatar' tab on the bar underneath the header.

2) On the Inventory page, select the 'Edit Avatar' link.

3) Select your gender and skin tone from the given options.

4) Use the tabs to find your items. Items that contain more than one color/shade will have a pop-up box that will let you choose between them.

5) Once all the items are on your avatar, you should layer the items any way you want. Layering is one of Trisphee's unique features, so be sure make use of it.
- For a more in depth guide, check out Sei's "Introduction to Avatar Customization"
Where can I find some eyes, hair, other facial/body features for my avatar?
On Trisphee, everything is able to be layered. This includes your eyes, hair, and other facial features. You can even purchase eyes separately so that you can layer them independently.
• Eyes can be found in Trinkets and Tresses.
• Hair can be found in the Salon.
• Other facial/body features can be found in the Body Shop.
• Are there any alternate poses for my avatar?
As of right now, there are no alternate poses for avatars. Eventually, Trisphee may look into having alternate poses.
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