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[top]Currency and Shops

What currency can we obtain on Trisphee?
On Trisphee, there are four types of currencies you can obtain. They are Aurum, Runes, Anka Tokens, and the various event currencies received during events.
Aurum is the main currency of Trisphee, which is gained from posting in the forums. How much you obtain is based on how many characters your post is, but the soft cap is around 50 Aurum per post. Larger posts can net you slightly more, but once you get 50 Aurum, it rises much slower.

Runes are the donation currency here on Trisphee. You can obtain Runes by either by donating to Trisphee or by trading with other users. The conversion rate for runes is $1 for every 10 Runes, but donating to the site will allow you to receive special bonuses when you buy Runes in bulk.

Anka Tokens are a special currency that are awarded for user achievements. The harder the task, the more tokens are rewarded. On the Acheivements page, you can see your completed, in progress, and not started achievements, as well as your total earned achievements. Keep in mind, some achievements are secret and event-centric, so they can always pop up when you least expect it. Anka Tokens cannot be traded between users, but the items purchased by them can be.

Event Currencies are special, event-only currencies that are used in the Event Shop to purchase event items. Event currencies can be obtained from posting events or mini-games and are rarely the same, so you can always expect something different.
Are there any starter items for new users?
Yes! The Pandora starter set can currently be found on in the Threads shop for free. You will see that when you go to purchase them in the shops, their price is set as "Free!".
Before I buy and item, can I preview it?
[INDENT]All you have to do to preview an item is click on the picture of it in the shop. A menu will come up with the shades that the item comes in. From this window, you can preview each shade of the item to get a better idea of how it will look full-size.

Is there a sell back option?
There is. Simply click the Avatar tab to go to your inventory screen. From there, click on the item you want to sell and you should see a 'Sell Back' button to the left of the 'Cancel' button, as well as the Sellback Price. Click the 'Sell Back' button and you're all set.
* Keep in mind that not all items have a sell back price and that you can only sell back items purchased for Aurum. Rune items are non-refundable.
How can I tell which items are male, female, or unisex items?
It's easy! While most items made more recently have a male/female pose built right in by detecting your avatar's gender, some of the older items were designed primarily for males or females. In our shops, we have a filter system which makes this process simple. When in the shops, set the 'Gender' filter to whatever criteria you wish to find. You can search for either all items, items useable by male/female, items that are male/female only, and only unisex items.
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