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From time to time, Trisphee will be in need of additional staff members. Some positions are unpaid; other positions receive commissions or salary. All staff members are required to be of legal majority (18 years of age or older), capable of entering into contracts, and must have a non-disclosure agreement on file with the Trisphee administration. Applicants are expected to set a good example for other users and must not have had disciplinary actions against them. Each staff member must also be willing to work under the direction and/or supervision of a manager.

Note: While we are always accepting applications, we do not have openings for all positions. We hire additional staff on an as-needed basis, and if you apply for a position that does not have an opening we will hold your application on file until a position opens up. We have created a color code based on the level of need for certain positions.

!!! Really in need of this position.
!! In need of this position.
! No current openings, but feel free to apply if interested.
  • .

Not currently in need of this position.
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