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Welcome to July, Trisphites!

Today, I bring you something that I've been working on for a few months now: A brand new Avatar Editor! Along with that, I've also updated the Inventory, and the Item Viewer.

A special thanks to everyone who's provided feedback as I've developed this, it would be nowhere near as good without you! We shall continue to collect feedback and make improvements as we can, though the next step in developing this is to make a nice tutorial about how it all works. Until then, though, feel free to ask in the forums if anything doesn't make sense, and I'll do my best to answer.

Main New Features:
  • Avatar Closet - You can now save 4 (currently) outfits into your closet, to easily switch to them any time. The outfits save everything set, including gender and skin selections.

  • More streamlined gender & skin color selection: You can quickly switch your skin color and gender by tapping the symbols to the right of your avatar.

  • Item Search: <3

  • Many more item tabs: Items are tagged (or will be tagged, we have lots of items, so this is still in progress) with everything they contain: You can find a Donation item with a hat and a pair of pants as poses in the "Donation" Rarity section, as well as the "head" and "bottoms" Gear sections.

  • Avatar facing: Always wanted to face away from what you're saying? Now you can.

There's lots of visual differences and a few minor details of how things work, and the editor code is 100% new.

I hope you all are staying safe and well in these crazy times, and maybe a bit of refreshed content brings a smile to your face. <3

If you'd like to provide feedback, I've created A thread for just that purpose.
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