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Default Best Anime this Season your not watching: Carole & Tuesday   #1  

Carole & Tuesday by studio Bones created by Watanabe, director, and creator of GOAT animes such as Michiko to Hatchkin, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Space Dandy

Carole & Tuesday are two women - both with a dream of making music - that have a chance meeting one day. The show sees them chase their dream. What sets the show apart visually is perhaps its setting, it taking place on a colony on Mars. Has more of a United States/Western city setting, the music is in English and sounds like a top 10 hit song on the US Radio stations.

Some cool things about the show:
  • We have a black main character
  • Representation is off the charts with white, black, asian, arab, hetero, gay, bisexual, transgender, everything.
  • All the characters are multidimensional.

This is just a good show period. The show will consist of 24 episodes, 5 of which have been aired as of today. Netflix owns the rights to distribute the anime, however, for us in the West we have to wait until it's finished its syndication in Japan until the show will be on Netflix. So for now, the only means to watch it is outside sites hosting the episodes (do it you cowards, then watch the inevitable superior English Dub when it comes to the west).

I can't stress how great this show is and I highly recommend everyone giving it a try. If your still on the fence I highly recommend watching the opening to the show to get a feel of the amazing animation and music:

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