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PANDORA: Wildwinged Wanderers
Planning on making this a more-than-two-player RP, but it requires prior knowledge of James Cameron's Avatar, since it takes place after the events of the movie.
Killing other characters won't be allowed, with the exception of special permission.
No overabundance of apex predators. (Great Leonopteryx, Thanator)
make sure you've read up on your creature's ecology before joining.
You CAN be creatures besides the Na'vi, from Hexapedes to Banshees.
(Mountain Banshees, I feel, will be the main species of this RP.)

The Sun--Or at least it's Pandoran equivalent, rose over the mountains, grasslands, and forests.
The nocturnal creatures ceased their prowling and retreated to their dens.

And those who wake by day are just beginning to stir.
Moar'iyo, (Name means Ocean Kite) Prologue
The Banshee Rookery

A vibrant blue Mountain Banshee woke at the sound of his ribcage settling, letting out an uncomfortable moan.

Ever since that incident, his chest hurt more and more. By now, he could barely even fly.
(I guess breathing through your chest doesn't make things any better, either..)

The Banshee rolls on his back and waits for the pain to subside.

Once this whole ordeal is over, maybe he can try to get back on his feet..
He has been isolating himself from the other Banshees lately.
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