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This world stuck to roles typically found in most fairytales. You were either a villain, a hero, or a damsel in distress. There wasn't an in between, and you certainly couldn't choose which role you'd have when you matured. Some, like this villainess, found this set of unspoken rules to be gravely boring. Sure, playing her part was fun in a way, but to be slain and completely viewed as a horrible person? That felt unfair, unjust.

Welcome to the story of a hero and villain whom chose their ideal ways of life instead of coping with what the majority expected out of them.

Name: Hazzle Woods
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Role: Villainess

~ You can dance if you want too,
You can leave your friends behind.
Because if they don't dance,
Then they're no friends of mine ~
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