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Avatar Contest:

The lucky winner of this contest will get their avi displayed here for a month, or until I do another contest.

2 entries per person.
Each avatar must follow the theme of SPOOKY! It's a halloween themed avatar. You can do basically anything you want with that theme. Either take the spooky route or just a simple halloween route. If you want to do a description of what the avi is that would be awesome! If not that is fine too!
Post your entries in this thread.
Have fun!
ENDS: November 1st 12am (midnight) EST.

CLOSED. Winners of the Contest are located here!

1st Place will receive 1 rare item and 1 common item.
2nd Place will receive 1 rare item.
3rd Place will receive 1 common item.
Honorable Mentions will receive up to 5k in aurum.
Everyone will receive 500 au for each entry.
Also for every person that is referred to this contest the referrer will receive 250 au per person referred.

Kei, full set of items from the Nox Nocturalis 2011, Puppet Master, Full October DI set, Looming Nightmare
"Foolish" Token Set, Choice of 1 October DI, Nocturnalis Harvest



Previous Winners and their Contest:

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